WoW: Quest stacking

Quest stacking is a great way to level up quickly in the new WoW Season of Discovery: Phase 2 game.

World of Warcraft’s (WoW’s) Season of Discovery: Phase 2 has finally landed, and there is a ton of new content for players to dive into.

The wait for this second phase may have been longer than expected, but it does include lots of exciting new goodies, ranging from a range of new runes, to the much-anticipated revamped Gnomeregan dungeon.

However, leveling up in this new phase can be a painstaking process, and it may be time to get your quest stacking in order.

WoW: Quest stacking
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Quest stacking in Season of Discovery: Phase 2

Season of Discovery’s new, second phase has introduced a new level 40 maximum.

And, while this offers lots of opportunities to find new loots and rewards along the way, many WoW players just cannot wait to progress to the exciting level 40, 10-player dungeon raid, which is meant to act as Phase 2’s big finale.

Fortunately, planning out which quests you are going to do in advance – a method which is commonly referred to a ‘quest stacking’- is a great way to ensure that you maximize your time, right from the beginning.

How to go about quest stacking

Best quest stacking practices will vary widely depending on where you find yourself on the map, and on the quests that you have already handed in.

However, there are a few convenient and useful tips that can help you to get your quest stacking list in order, as soon as possible.

These tips can be summarized as follows:

  • Plan your route efficiently, so that you do not waste valuable time travelling back and forth between locations.
  • Identify and complete high-return quests first, to gain momentum quickly.
  • Always have a running list of back-up quests, which you can complete quickly if you need to
  • Do not waste time on difficult group quests that offer little to no XP-return.

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