WoW: Quadrangulation

The Quadrangulation quest will see you travel all over Kalimdor to track down various Quadrangulation Beacons.

The new Epic crafting professions are some of the most exciting additions to World of Warcraft (WoW) Season of Discovery: Phase 2.

But as with most of the exciting new additions to this beloved game, getting to the actual crafting of Epic gear requires that gamers complete a few lengthy quest lines.

This includes the Quadrangulation quest, which will help you to track down a flighty but talented gnome.

WoW: Quadrangulation
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What the Quadrangulation quest is all about

If you want to unlock the new Epic recipes in the second phase of Season of Discovery, you need to complete a series of quests.

And once you have completed the Salvaging the Salvagematic quest, Ziri “The Wrench” Littlesprocket will send you on your way to Booty Bay, where you will have to speak with Scooty.

Scooty, in turn, will charge you with finding four different Quadrangulation Beacons, which are spread out all over the Kalimdor continent.

WoW: Quadrangulation
© Blizzard

Scooty will need these Quadrangulation Beacons to transpolyport you to the exact location where Wirdal, the gnome who can assist you with fixing the Corroded G-7 C.O.R.E. Processor, is hiding out.

How to complete the Quadrangulation quest

Completing the Quadrangulation quest is quite simple and all you will need to do to tick this quest off your list is to find and attune to four different beacons.

The coordinates at which you can find these Quadrangulation Beacons are as follows:

  • Dustwallow Marsh (58.6; 13.0 – This beacon is located under water and will need to be accessed via a boat)
  • Desolace (32.0; 72.7)
  • Tanaris (37.8; 27.3)
  • Feralas (29.3; 93.8)

You will not need to find these beacons in any specific order, but you will have to return to Scooty at Booty Bay once you have found them all. Scooty will then teleport you to Wirdal’s hideout in Feralas.

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