WoW: Oracle Priest

The Oracle Priest is one of the new Hero Talents that will be introduced for The War Within, and will replace Power Infusion with a brand-new Talent Tree.

The excitement around the new Word of Warcraft (WoW): The War Within expansion is only building as time goes on, and now Blizzard has fanned the flames with the preliminary unveiling of the new class features, which includes the Oracle Priest Hero Talent.

All about the Oracle Priest Hero Talent

The Oracle Priest is just one of many new Hero Talents, which will be added to The War Within expansion. These Hero Talents are an evergreen character progression route, which can soup-up your characters’ powers and class fantasies.

The Oracle Priest keeps the essence of the healer, but adds a touch of something extra with added support and bolstering metrics.

This Hero Talent falls under the Holy and Discipline Priest specialization, and like all of the other Hero Talents which will soon be introduced, it will have its own self-contained talent-tree that you will be able to access once you reach level 71.

In essence, the Oracle Priest Hero Talent is a Power Infusion Replacement, which will allow you to choose and cycle between three different protection and empowerment buffs.

The Oracle Priest Talent Tree

In order to use WoW‘s Oracle Priest Hero Talent to your advantage, you will need to progress through its Talent Tree.

You will earn 1 talent point for every new level after level 71, which means that you will be able to progress all the way through the talent tree by the time that you reach level 82.

WoW: Oracle Priest
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The keystone (starter) talent available for the Oracle Priest is Premonition, which will give you a unique insight into the future and will allow you to protect and empower your allies through Solace, Insight or Glory.

But, what really sets the Oracle Priest apart is the fact that the capstone (final) talent will boost you – and two nearby allies – with Premonition at 100% effectiveness.

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