WoW: Kha’damu

While WoW’s Blood Moon event is active, you may find Kha’damu as he roams the Stranglethorn Vale zone looking for players to kill.

World of Warcraft (WoW) players can now participate in a new player-versus-player event known as Blood Moon.

It takes place over the whole Stranglethorn Vale zone, however, it is only active for 30 minutes after it goes on a regular 3-hour timer.

You can participate in the Blood Moon event simply by being in the Stranglethorn Zone while the event is active. Players have to kill other players to get a specific currency, which can be used to purchase valuable rewards.

When the event is active, you should not only be concerned with other players, but also with Kha’damu, the Chosen of the Blood Loa. This new elite adversary will roam the area and eliminate everything in its path.

Kha’damu is extremely difficult to defeat, so you should team up with other players, but it appears that only dungeon-sized groups can attempt to take him down.

According to the event’s description, raid groups that participate in the Blood Moon will face penalties.

Although the penalties are undetermined, players believe that they include  statistics debuffs, less money and a reduction in experience points.

We therefore recommend that you do not form raid groups to defeat Kha’damu, but instead,  form dungeon-sized groups to attempt to vanquish the boss.

Kha’damu’s abilities

Kha’damu has a few abilities he will use during a fight. Before facing him, we recommend that you consider the following:

Name Description
Blood Leech Drains 415 to 535 health from nearby enemies, however, it also heals Kha’damu for up to twice the amount stolen.
Bloodthirst Instantly attacks the target to deal damage

Where does Kha’damu spawn?

Unfortunately, Kha’damu’s exact spawn location is unknown. As previously mentioned, the Blood Moon event takes place every 3 hours over the entire Stranglethorn Vale zone.

This indicates that Kha’damu can spawn anywhere in the zone, which makes it difficult to know where he will spawn the next time the event activates.

If you are in the right place at the right time when the event is active, you may come across Kha’damu, but you should not face him alone.

We recommend that you team up with other players before the Blood Moon activates to conquer Kha’damu if you find him.

Kha’damu’s routes

Since it is impossible to know where Kha’damu will spawn in the Stranglethorn Vale zone, it is difficult to know which route he will follow while the Blood Moon event is active.

However, we believe that the boss will not remain in the same place for a long time.

If you are interested in finding Kha’damu, you can team up with other WoW players and scatter across the zone to see which route Kha’damu will take when he spawns.

When one of your team members spots Kha’damu, the entire group can travel to his location and collectively attempt to vanquish him.

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