WoW: Getaway to Scenic Feralas

Gateway to Scenic Feralas is Love is in The Air 2024’s newest daily quest, which involves returning gifts to the guests who lost them.

The 2024 Love is in the Air event has now officially begun. And, as always, there are tons of new exclusive rewards to collect between February 5 and February 19.

That is, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on enough Love Tokens through the special Love is in the Air quests and daily activities.

All about the Getaway to Scenic Feralas quest

The Getaway to Scenic Feralas quest will whisk you away to the beautiful, sunny beaches of Feralas for a lovely Valentines-inspired celebration.

WoW: Getaway to Scenic Feralas
© Blizzard

However, it seems like some of the guests who decided to attend this beachside festival forgot their gifts on the other side of the special portal at the Gala of Gifts.

And, as a result, it will be your duty to ensure that you get the right gifts back to their rightful owners.

In order to complete this quest, you need to ensure that you have delivered three gifts to the correct three guests at the Steam Pools Resort.

How to start this quest and its rewards

You will need to complete the special Love is in the Air “Take A Look Around” quest before you can  participate in any of this year’s daily quests, including Getaway to Scenic Feralas.

Once you have unlocked the daily quests, you will simply need to head talk to Aurora Vabsley or Gabbo Blinkwink, just outside of the Scenic Portal in order to unlock this new daily quest.

You will also have to travel back through this portal and to this NPC to hand in the quest when you have completed your mission.

Completing Getaway to Scenic Feralas will allow Dragonflight players to progress in the Love Language Expert achievement quite quickly. You will also earn 10 Love Tokens plus a few extra coins and experience points.

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