WoW: Gala of Gifts

The 2024 Love is in the Air Event has changed locations, and is now taking place at the Gala of Gifts.

The WoW Love is in the Air Event has returned to Azeroth. And, this year, the event is taking place on a much bigger scale, at its very own hub – called the Gala of Gifts.

All about the Gala of Gifts

In order to celebrate all things love, kindness and affection, Stormwind and Orgrimmar have teamed up with Azeroth’s Artisan’s Consortium to put on a Gala of Gifts, just outside the confines of these major cities.

This Gala of Gifts features a wide variety of items, reward, and tokens for sale from the talented vendors, who have flocked to the scene of this exciting event, to sell their wares.

The Gala directors, Luciano Delgado (Alliance) and Mahaja Cloudsong (Horde) are also always close-by to ensure that everything at the event is running smoothly.

The rewards up for grabs at the Gala of Gifts

The Gala of Gifts will form the perfect backdrop for all of the Love is in the Air festivities this year. As well as being a celebration of love, the Gala of Gifts is also your one-stop-shop for all of the exclusive Love is in the Air rewards.

To travel to the Gala of Gifts, you will need to travel through the Scenic Portal located in either Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

You will also travel back through this portal as you work to complete WoW‘s Love is in the Air-specific achievements.

But, before you can start purchasing new mounts, pets, toys or buffs from all of the artisans and vendors that have set up shop at the gala, you will need to earn the holiday-specific Love Tokens.

The rewards-system has changed slightly for this new, upgraded love-inspired event, but you can still earn these Love Tokens by completing quests, defeating Apothecary Hummel, donating to the Artisan’s Consortium, and completing other daily activities.

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