WoW: Firepit

The Firepit will mark the beginning and end of the Rekindle quest while you are progressing through the new WoW Season of Discovery: Phase 2 expansion.

Now that the new World of Warcraft (WoW) Season of Discovery: Phase 2 expansion has landed, there are many new surprises and goodies hiding all around Azeroth.

This, of course, includes all-new recipes, gear and items, but it also includes a few new beacons, like the Firepit, which you may not have noticed before.

What is the Firepit?

There is certainly a lot to take in within the revamped Season of Discovery: Phase 2. But while the all-important 10-man Gnomeregan raid has been the talk of the town, it is not the only exciting new addition to the game.

The Firepit, for instance, is a seemingly unimportant object which you may be tempted to stroll past on any given day whilst you are exploring the beautiful Stonetalon Mountains.

WoW: Firepit
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However, if you investigate a little further, you will find that this Firepit actually marks the starting point of a quest that offers great rewards.

Why is the Firepit important?

While the Firepit may appear fairly unassuming from the outside, it is important to take note of exactly where the Firepit is located, as you will need to return here to start and end the Rekindle quest.

The Rekindle quest is a Level 40 quest which requires a level 14 skill level to complete.

It is a fairly simple quest, and it only requires that you have Simple Wood and Flint and Tinder ready in your bag, in order to rekindle the fire that had been extinguished (though there are some rumors that this quest is being automatically completed for some WoW players, due to a prevailing bug in the system).

Either way, you will need to have the Rekindle quest completed in order to progress in the quest line, which will award you with a new Cozy Sleeping Bag in Season of Discovery: Phase 2.

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