WoW: Exquisite Love Boat

The 2024 WoW Love is in the Air event features a new and upgraded Exquisite Love Boat toy, which improves on the original.

The WoW Love is in the Air event has returned in 2024, and it will be available between February 5 and February 19. This year, the all-new Gala of Gifts offers players a variety of new goodies to get their hands on, including a few new toys

All about the Exquisite Love Boat toy

The Exquisite Love Boat toy is one of three exciting new toys up for grabs during the Love is in the Air event.

This toy is a slightly fancier and upgraded version of the regular Love Boat which can now seat four WoW players at a time (as opposed to the former Love Boat’s two-player maximum capacity).

This Exquisite Love Boat toy is ideal for a quick double-date, or simply a friendly stroll down the river with some of your fellow party members. This toy  will also reduce your Cooldown time during the Love is in the Air event.

How to procure and use the Exquisite Love Boat

In order to procure your Exquisite Love Boat, you will need to travel to the all-new Gala of Gifts where artisans and vendors from all over Azeroth are selling their wares.

When you have arrived at the Gala of Gifts, you will need to speak to either Kiera Torres or Lythianne Morningspear.

You will need at least 270 Love Tokens to purchase the Exquisite Love Boat, which you can also earn by completing the event-specific quests and the daily activities tied to this year’s Love is in the Air event.

Once you have purchased your Exquisite Love Boat , you will be able to summon your new toy on the water’s surface within 20 yards. Once it has been used, the Exquisite Love Boat has a Cooldown time of only 30 minutes.

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