WoW: Enchanted Sigil – Innovation

You can now get your hands on the recipe for the Enchanted Sigil – Innovation consumable, alongside many other new recipes in Season of Discovery: Phase 2.

The Worlds of Warcraft (WoW) Season of Discovery: Phase 2 expansion has really focused on expanding all of the crafting professions.

And as a result, you will find an array of new recipes for exciting new gear and consumables. This includes the recipe for the new Enchanted Sigil – Innovation consumable, which will help you boost your damage and healing output.

How the Enchanted Sigil – Innovation works

Getting the recipe for the Enchanted Sigil – Innovation consumable will help you to get the Sigil of Innovation.

The Sigil of Innovation is a buff which will increase your damage, healing ability with spells, and your attack power by 20, which truly comes in handy in those more challenging raids.

WoW: Enchanted Sigil – Innovation
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Some of the other things that you need to keep in mind about the Sigil of Innovation include:

Detail Description
Binding Soulbound and binds when picked up
Stackability Stacks up to five times in your bag
Requirements Enchanting level 225 and Skill Level 40
Duration 30 minutes
Cooldown 30 minutes

How to procure and use the Enchanted Sigil – Innovation buff

The Enchanted Sigil – Innovation is a new consumable, but you will not be able to purchase it outright. Instead, you will have to purchase the recipe so that you can craft the buff yourself.

However, before you can get to this step, you need to complete a very lengthy quest chain which will see you travel back and forth to Gnomeregan.

You will only be able to purchase the recipe to craft the Sigil of Innovation buff from Ziri “The Wrench” Littlesprocket (the NPC found in The Clean Zone within Gnomeregan) once this entire quest chain is completed.

You will need 25 Gold to purchase this recipe, as well as three Dream Dusts to craft the buff. This buff can only be applied outside of combat.

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