WoW: Dismantle Enchant

The Dismantle Enchant in WoW will occasionally provide you with additional damage, however there are requirements that must be met before you can procure it.

Word of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery is essentially an experiment that changes the Classic Formula.

Phase 2 of this season recently began, and it introduced a variety of new features, such as Enchants, which you can enjoy to improve your character.

One of the Enchants you can procure for your weapons is Dismantle. When applied, it permanently enchants one of your weapons to cause all spells and attacks to deal 60 to 90 additional damage to mechanical creatures.

Keep in mind that you will only receive additional damage from time to time. Unfortunately, there is no specific trigger for the damage bonus to occur, so players will receive the additional bonus at random when they are fighting mechanical creatures.

In order to procure this enchant, you have to obtain the Formula: Enchant Weapon: Dismantle. Unlike other items in WoW, you can simply go to Gnomeregan and purchase the formula from Ziri “The Wrench” Littlesprocket.

Allegedly, the Formula only costs 25 gold, but keep in mind that only players levels 45 and higher can purchase the Enchant.

Dismantle Enchantment requirements

Before you can purchase the Dismantle Enchant, you need to meet specific requirements. Your character’s enchanting skill has to be 200, 220 or/and 240.

Furthermore, you will only be able to purchase the Enchant when you have completed the epic crafting quests in Season of Discovery Phase 2.

You also have to acquire 1 Small Radiant Shard and 2 Dream Dust in order to purchase the Dismantle Enchant.

Does the Dismantle Enchant Stack?

Since the Enchant’s release, several WoW players have wondered if the Dismantle Enchant will stack.

In other words, will players receive double the effects when the Enchant is applied to a Dualwield character? On a well-known WoW website, one player mentioned that the Dismantle Enchant does Stack.

According to the player, he is dual-wielding as a Hunter and both weapons process when he performs ranged attacks.

He also mentioned that when he checked his logs, the enchantment checked the main hand and if it does not trigger on the main weapon, it triggers on the off-hand weapon.

Mechanical creatures

The Dismantle Enchant only activates when you are fighting mechanical creatures. These creatures are generally used for machines and constructs made of inorganic or manufactured parts.

Mechanicals include intelligent creations like mechagnomes, basic automatons like harvest golems and ordinary machines like gyrocopters.

Since the Enchant only triggers against mechanical creatures, we recommend that you only equip it with one specific weapon and use that weapon when you are fighting mechanicals.

However, when fighting other non-mechanical enemies, you can use another weapon with other enchants to receive additional effects.

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