What happens if you join Volcano Manor in Elden Ring?

Volcano Manor is an interesting story set in one of the Legacy Dungeons in the Elder Ring game and can give you access to a lot of additional gameplay.

Once you have entered the manor, you will be asked to join the Volcano Manor. When (or if) you accept, you gain access to more rooms in the manor, multiplayer game modes, and NPC side quests, and none of these things influence your main storyline.

About Volcano Manor

Volcano Manor is a Legacy Dungeon in the Elder Ring game and it can easily be missed on the map if you do not know you have to look for it.

However, entering Volcano Manor can give you access to a few different NPCs (non-player characters), side quests, and gear that you might not find in other places in the game. Volcano Manor is well-known for being one of the most bizarre and secretive questlines in Elden Ring.

What happens if you join Volcano Manor in Elden Ring?

Once you have entered Volcano Manor, one of the first NPCs you will be met with is Lady Tanith and her Crucible Knight bodyguard. After some dialogue with Lady Tanith where she explains that she and the manor master are opposed to the Erdtree, she will ask you whether you would like to join Volcano Manor.

What happens if you join Volcano Manor in Elden Ring?
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Choosing to accept the invitation to join Volcano Manor allows you to open and enter many of the drawing rooms in the manor and also allows you to join a number of assassinations of other NPCs.

These assassinations grant you access to rare gear, more dialogue with other NPCs, and, most importantly, they allow you to progress in the game to eventually face the boss of the manor, Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy.

There are no negative consequences of not joining the Volcano Manor, but it does limit your gameplay for this area, and there is no reason to refuse.

Additionally to the benefits that joining the Volcano Manor cause affords you for this part of the game, it also gives you access to the multiplayer version of the game, sends you on various assassination missions, and really has no negative effect on your main storyline.

What is the first thing that happens when you join Volcano Manor?

Once you have accepted the request to join Volcano Manor, Lady Tanith will give you a Drawing-room key. This key gives you access to most of the drawing rooms on the right-hand side of the manor.

Once you have this key, you can go upstairs using the stairs on the left-hand side of the manor. Here, you will be invaded by Inquisitor Ghiza, though this is a fairly easy battle. Once you have defeated this enemy, you are rewarded with Ghiza’s Wheel, your enemy’s weapon.

Completing this invasion allows you to progress to the drawing room, which is to the right of Lady Tanith where you started, and you will be able to view a few items on the table.

The Recusant Finger and letters

One of the most important items on this table is the Recusant Finger. This finger is a multiplayer item that lets you invade other players.

Using the Recusant Finger gives you the opportunity to invade other players’ worlds as a Recusant and may lead you to fight the Host of the Fingers. This item functions similarly to the Bloody Finger, but with this finger, your invasions are a bright red colour, and not orange.

On this table you will also find a letter, which is the first of three letters you will receive, and which details your first assassination mission in the form of a contract.

The NPCs that you have to assassinate for each of these contracts are marked on the map and you have to travel to them and defeat them before you fight Rykard, as most of the characters disappear from the manor once he is defeated.

What happens to the storyline if you join Volcano Manor?

For the most part, joining Volcano Manor is inconsequential to the main storyline of the game. Joining the manor is just a way to gain access to new rooms, boss fights, rare gear, ashes of war, lore, dialogue, and player-versus-player gaming modes.

This does not affect your choices at the end of the game and does not lock you into a specific storyline for the ending.

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