Warhammer 2: Aversion

Aversion in Warhammer 2 refers to a faction’s dislike of you and your faction, however, this can be reduced by offering gifts.

Total War: Warhammer 2 is a thrilling video game that invites players to enjoy real-time, turn-based battles. Warhammer 2 is part of the Total War franchise, which means that you can expect similar content, gameplay, and mechanics throughout the series.

Players are able to move their armies around the map while controlling settlements in a turn-based manner. The game contains a variety of activities and features for players to enjoy, but it is recommended that you first focus on advancing in the main storyline. You can fight against artificial intelligence-controlled factions and engage in diplomacy.


Diplomacy generally happens between factions in the campaign mode, and it consists of various diplomatic actions. You can thus discover alliances, trade agreements, war, and peace, among other things. Players can propose or accept diplomatic actions on the diplomacy screen.

It is important to note that some actions are unilateral, such as a declaration of war, while others must be agreed on by both parts, such as trade agreements. Thus, an offer may be rejected or accepted outright, or a counter offer can be proposed.

Warhammer 2: Aversion
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Warhammer 2: Aversion

Aversion is a game mechanic that players can use to help balance out alliances and diplomacy. It can thus be said that it is generally used for diplomatic reasons. Aversion delays and sometimes prevents alliances between races that have been enemies since the dawn of time.

You should keep in mind that the higher a race’s aversion is to you, the more they naturally dislike you. Subsequently, you will have a harder time becoming friends or allies with them. That being said, races with a high aversion can be made a little friendlier if you offer them gifts.

Alternatively, you can follow the age-old saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Starting a war or taking military action against a common enemy gives you a higher approval rating, and thus, reduces tensions.

It is noteworthy that having treaties with someone the race dislikes, or taking military action against someone they like, will make the tense relations worse.

Players can see the current aversion status by going to the diplomacy screen. The icon in the bottom right corner of the screen triggers the diplomacy menu. There are various statistics on this screen, but you have to select the attitude column to see the aversions.

At the top of the menu, you can discover all the things they approve of regarding your actions and country. Under their likes, there should be a list of the things they dislike about you. Players can scroll down the list of known races to find out what their aversion is towards you, or towards each other.

Warhammer 2: Aversion
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Can you get rid of aversion?

It is currently impossible to get rid of aversion, as it is a diplomatic element that controls the alliances in the game. That being said, you can minimise the aversion value to a point where it is harmless, but it is not something you can get rid of or prevent. You can do this by making relations and offering the hostile races gifts, amongst other things.

Aversion mods

There are various types of modifications that you can install for Warhammer 2. Modifications have the ability to alter certain aspects of your gameplay. It can be a small alteration, such as highlighting specific resources, or it can change your gameplay entirely, such as an aversion mod.

There are aversion mods available for the game, though it is recommended that players download the mods from credible sources. These mods have the ability to completely remove the aversion aspect of the game, or to make it more realistic.

Diplomatic options

As previously mentioned, you can accept or propose numerous diplomatic actions by going to the diplomatic screen. Some of the diplomatic actions you can find in the game are as follows:

Action Description
Declare war Players being open hostilities with a specific faction
Gift You give a sum of money to the enemy and ask for nothing in return
Vassals The target faction is subjugated by yours
Confederation A permanent unification with the target faction
Defensive alliance A promise to defend each other in the case of an attack from another faction
Non-aggression pact A simple promise not to attack each other, however, this does not prevent raiding
Warhammer 2: Aversion
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