OSRS: How do you not get attacked on Ape Atoll?

The best way to not get attacked on Ape Atoll is to use a Greegree, but using a protection prayer can also help reduce the damage of attacks.

There are many activities and gameplay opportunities for players when they travel to Ape Atoll in Old School RuneScape (OSRS).

Along with the surface primate inhabitants, the monsters on this island can act aggressive and attack you. The best way to avoid getting attacked is to use one of the many types of Greegrees or protection prayers in Melees.

About Ape Atoll

Ape Atoll is an Island in Gielinor and is one of the most dangerous places that players can travel to, explore, fight enemies in, find and buy items in, and complete quests and train in. Players can only travel to the island if they have completed or partially completed the Monkey Madness I quest.

The island is populated by primates such as monkeys and other monsters and they are ruled by King Awowogei. There are various places to visit once you are on Ape Atoll, including the prison, the Temple of Marimbo, the Marketplace, the Agility Course, and the Dungeons.

OSRS: How do you not get attacked on Ape Atoll?
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OSRS: How do you not get attacked on Ape Atoll?

Although there are many things to do and places to visit on this island, it remains one of the most dangerous places that players to travel to. The island is filled with enemies, such as Monkey Guards, Monkey Archers, poisonous snakes and spiders, mobs of zombie monkeys, skeletal apes, and natural hazards that can cause significant damage during fights.

The normal, surface inhabitants like monkeys will also act aggressively towards you if you are not disguised as a monkey or a gorilla.

There are also other ways you can incur damage on the island, like if you encounter Dungeon guards in human form and by training at or visiting the Temple of Marimbo, where you can be involved in a melee and be dealt a lot of damage at once.

In order to not be attacked by the surface inhabitants and monsters of the island, you need to use a Greegree to disguise yourself as a monkey or gorilla. There are various types of Greegrees and each of them have their own requirements and uses. You can also use protection prayers to protect you from too much damage during attacks.

How do Greegrees work?

A Greegree is an item that enables you to transform into a primate like a monkey or a gorilla. Greegrees only work when you are on Ape Atoll, since Zooknock, who charges the Greegrees, cannot extend his magic over large spaces.

You can use a Greegree to transform into a corresponding primate by taking a monkey talisman and the corresponding primate bones to Zooknock in the Ape Atoll Dungeon.

You can find the Talismans when you talk to the crying child to the west of the monkey settlement while wearing a Monkeyspeak amulet, or from Tutab’s Magical Market for 1 000 coins each. The bones can be collected differently for each Greegree.

OSRS: How do you not get attacked on Ape Atoll?
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The types of Greegrees

There are nine types of Greegrees and they all have their own transformation qualities and methods with which to obtain the corresponding bones, such as:

Type of Greegree Type of transformation Where to obtain bones
Monkey talisman In Marim from the child or from Tutab’s Magical Market.
Karamjan Karamjan monkey Kill or get a corpse from any monkey on Karamja or Mos Le’Harmless.
Small or medium ninja Monkey Archer or any of the ninja monkeys Kill the Monkey Archers on Ape Atoll or step into the light area in the warehouse.
Small and big zombie Monkey Zombie In the Temple of Marimbo or the basement of Ape Atoll Dungeon.
Gorilla or bearded gorilla Monkey Guard Kill any gorilla at the Temple of Marimbo or one that is standing near the ladder inside the temple.
Ancient gorilla Ancient gorilla Get the monkey skull Marimbo temple after you have completed the Western Provinces Diary.
Kruk Kruk Complete Monkey Madness II and collect Kruk’s paw once you have killed it.

Using protection prayers

When you visit the Temple of Marimbo on Ape Atoll, you may notice that this space is guarded by many Monkey Guards. Many players use this space to train because there is a prayer altar inside the temple.

Here, you can use the “Protect from Melee” prayer to protect you from damage if Monkey guards attack you. This prayer also reduces damage from tough enemies like Kruk during the Monkey Madness II quest. You have to ensure that you have a prayer on at least level 43.

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