OSRS: Crandor

Crandor is a volcanic island in Old School RuneScape, with a rich history that is a popular mining location for after you finish the Dragon Slayer I quest.

While there are many reasons to play Old School RuneScape (OSRS), most players seem to return to it because of the sense of nostalgia and freedom that the game offers them.

Crandor is an island in OSRS that is popularly visited by players who have completed the Dragon Slayer I quest to mine and uncover the history.

Why should you play Old School RuneScape?

The old school version of the popular, re-imagined game, RuneScape, was launched in 2013 for members and in 2015 for free versions of the game after players had voted on a poll that they want access to older versions of the game on separate servers.

Many players return to this Old School RuneScape (OSRS) version of the game, because they feel nostalgic for it and since this version can be found on a separate server, you can log in with the same credentials, but your skills and accomplishments remain separate for the older and newer versions of the game.

OSRS: Crandor

Players also enjoy playing OSRS because there is no set campaign to follow and they can focus on building their abilities and accomplishing their goals throughout the game, instead of following a fixed storyline.

Crandor is an island in OSRS that players can travel to. It has a rich history that you can uncover throughout your gameplay. Crandor is a small, volcanic island, just north of Karamja on the map.

The Guildmaster from the Champion’s Guild explains that this island was once a thriving community and was known as one of the best ship-designing and building factions before Elvarg the dragon destroyed most of it.

OSRS: Crandor
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Since Crandor is a volcanic island, it is considered one of the best places to build your mining skill in the game and since there are some low-level monsters on this island, you can easily train while you work on your mining skill.

Before you can start mining on Crandor, you need to be able to access the island, and to do that, you first need to complete the Dragon Slayer I quest. After you have completed this quest, you can visit the island through the Karamja Dungeon.

Mining on Crandor

Mining is one of the 23 skills you can build and master in OSRS as you play. By mining, players can gain ores and gems for their inventory from rocks. The higher your mining skill is, the more likely you are to extract a gem or ore from a rock.

Ores can be used for Smithing and gems for crafting, to create smelting bars or equipment that can be sold for a profit. This is what draws many players to Crandor; there are so many rocks they can mine to improve their skill level and gain gems and ores like coal, gold, mithril, and adamantite ores.

The Dragon Slayer I Quest

In order to get to Crandor to mine gems and ores, you first need to complete the Dragon Slayer I Quest. This quest is regarded as one of the most difficult quests on the free version of the game. It requires that you go on a journey to slay the dragon, Elvarg.

Although this quest is difficult, it can also be quite rewarding as you earn the ability to equip the rune platebody, the green d’hide body, and the dragon platebody. During this quest you also gain the ability to use the dragonfire protection, but you do not have to complete the quest to use this protection at other places in the game.

How to get to Crandor

There are two ways that you can get to Crandor. You can only access the island by completing the Dragon Slayer I quest. Once you have completed the quest, you can access Crandor through the Karamja dungeon. These paths can be summarised as follows:

Path Summary

The Dragon Slayer I quest

Talk to the Guildmaster to start this quest and you will eventually end up in Crandor. Ned can also take you here.

The Karamja dungeon

Head north in the Karamja dungeon and you will find a wall that can be opened. Past this wall there is a rope you can climb to get to Crandor.

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