OSRS: Colossal blade

The Colossal blade in Old School RuneScape is a good weapon, however, it does not compete with the God Sword.

Players are invited to enjoy combat and role-playing elements in this thrilling video game, Old School RuneScape (OSRS). The game gives players the opportunity to create and customise a character before stepping into a persistent world. You can interact with other players and with the environment once you have completed the tutorial mission at the beginning of the game.

As you progress in the story, you will discover various items, such as weapons, gear, consumables, currencies, runes, and resources. All the items in the game have a specific objective that may affect your gameplay significantly. That being said, some items are limited to a specific level, which means that you can only use the item when you reach the required level.

What is the objective of gear and weapons?

Every gear and weapon set allegedly provides varying abilities and effects on your character. Thus, it can be said that some weapons and gear are better than others since they offer players better effects. It is worth noting that the gear and weapons that provide better effects are generally rarer than others.

Your characters are protected from damage and attacks from enemies’ when they have gear equipped. Furthermore, they can deal damage and attack foes if they have weapons slotted. Even though rarer gear is better, any gear can protect your character and enable them to deal damage to enemies.

OSRS: Colossal blade

One of the weapons you can equip your character with is the Colossal blade, which is a two-handed sword. Players can purchase this weapon from the Giants’ Foundry Reward shop for approximately 5 000 Foundry Reputation, but you should keep in mind that your character has to at least be on attack level 60 to wield it.

OSRS: Colossal blade
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When players attack 1-by-1 size targets, its statistics are similar to the Barrelchest anchor, although it has a slightly higher slash bonus. Even though the Colossal Blade lacks special attack, it does have a passive skill to make up for this on larger monsters.

This weapon also has lower requirements than the anchor, which requires 50 Prayer and the completion of The Great Brain Robbery quest. Because of this, the Colossal blade can be used as a substitute for the anchor if you are low on Prayer.

The blade has a passive effect that can increase your character’s maximum attack. This uses a specific formula: (Maximum hit + [2 x MonsterSize]).

The Giant’s Foundry

The Giant’s Foundry is a smithing mini-game available for all players to enjoy, but they first have to complete the Sleeping Giants quest. The game is situated in a cave beneath the Giant’s Plateau, and you can access it using different methods, which are as follows:

  • The toll gate from Lumbridge
  • The Grouping that teleports to the Giants’ Foundry
  • A ring of duelling that teleports to Al Kharid Duel Arena
  • The gnome glider flight to Kar-Hewo
  • An Amulet of glory that teleports to the Al Kharid Palace

When you have arrived at the location, you will be tasked with creating giant weapons for a hill giant smith, Kovac. He can ask you for a variety of items, and the closer your item is to his description, the more rewards you earn. One of the rewards you will get is Foundry Reputation.

How good is the Colossal blade?

Even if the Colossal blade seems tempting, it will not perform better than a God Sword or a whip. Many players believe that it does not perform like a level 70 or a level 75 attack weapon but instead, it performs like a level 60 attack weapon should, and players should not expect it to perform any better than that.

OSRS: Colossal blade
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As previously mentioned, you first have to level your smithing before you can enter the Giants’ Foundry. Smithing is a production skill through which players create numerous metal items from ore and metal bars. It is the companion skill of Mining, which produces raw materials that are used in Smithing.

It is important to note that players have to level up their smithing skill by getting experience points. Experience gained is based on the number of bars used and therefore, using larger quantities of bars at once yields the highest experience rates. This essentially means that smithing platebodies is the fastest way to gain experience.

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