OSRS: Cave horrors

The Cave horrors in Old School RuneScape are horrific creatures that can only be killed by Slayers and can only be found in Mos Le’Harmless Cave.

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is an exciting video game that invites players to explore a persistent world in which they can learn various skills. The game also allows you to create and customise a character before stepping into its vast universe. You can interact with the environment and with other players as you advance in the game.

The game offers players a variety of activities and events to enjoy. The purpose of most of these activities is to teach you a specific spell or skill that can influence your gameplay. Furthermore, you can complete Slayer quests, increase your smithing skill line, defeat monsters, and collect gear sets.

Slayer tasks

A Slayer task, or assignment, is given by Slayer Masters, who are non-player characters (NPCs) that serve as guides to the Slayer skill. They assign tasks to players that require them to kill specific monsters a certain number of times.

Every Slayer Master in the game has a different combat level requirement for them to assign players tasks. Keep in mind that Slayer Masters with higher combat levels generally assign longer tasks with more difficult monsters to players.

You get Slayer reward points when you complete a task and you receive bonus points at regular intervals. These points can be redeemed for numerous rewards and upgrades.

OSRS: Cave horrors

Defeating Cave horrors can be assigned as a Slayer task, but it has a combat level requirement of 70. You can get this task by talking to Duradel, Nieve, or Chaeldar. Cave horrors can only be found in the Mos Le’Harmless Cave, which requires the completion of Cabin Fever.

OSRS: Cave horrors
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It is important to note that you have to wear a Witchwood icon as it enables you to fight the Cave horrors at a melee distance. The enemies have a special attack that always deals damage equal to 1 percent of your base Hitpoints level, if you do not have the icon equipped.

Furthermore, you also need a light source to fight them without taking additional damage, unless a fire of eternal light is active.

Players should bear in mind that Cave horrors attack with Magic-based melee, which essentially means that if Protect from Melee is activated, it negates the damage. However, high magic defence helps when you are not praying.

These enemies have fairly low Hitpoints, and they are relatively spread out, so it is advisable that you use a fast-firing Ranged weapon.

Thus, you should use a toxic blowpipe, Karil’s crossbow, or a magic shortbow. If you are using Melee, it is advised that you use equipment that provides your character with a high Prayer bonus. You should activate Protect from Melee, as you can then equip a better amulet.

Alternatively, Cave horrors can be safespotted using the stalagmites, boulders, and the mushrooms inside the cave.

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever is the third quest in the Pirate storyline, during which you learn to become a pirate by aiding the shifty Bill Teach. To start this quest, players have to speak to Bill Teach, who is in the Port Phasmatys Inn.

Once you have spoken to him, you will see a cutscene where an enemy pirate ship attacks The Adventurous. Players then have to attack the enemy ship, but you need some fuse and rope, which you can find in the ship’s bottom deck.

You then need to swing your way onto the Pirate’s ship and blow up their barrel and cannon. When you are back on Bill’s ship, you have to focus on repairing the broken items. Players will shoot a few canyons at the enemies’ ship before they claim their rewards.

Witchwood icon

You need to wear a Witchwood icon inside the Cave of Horrors to successfully defeat the monsters, as mentioned above. The Witchwood icon is a piece of slayer equipment, and its only purpose is to negate the effect of the screams of Cave horrors.

Your character should wear the icon around their necks, but they have to be on a Slayer level of 35 to equip it. That being said, you need to be on level 58 Slayer to enter the Cave of Horrors. The icon can be purchased from any Slayer Master for approximately 900 coins.


Slayer is a skill that allows players to kill monsters that are otherwise immune to damage. It is worth noting that Slayer experience is equal to a slain monster’s Hitpoints, and you earn experience points every time you kill an assigned monster.

Players generally train Combat by completing Slayer assignments, as Combat experience is still garnered as usual when you are fighting Slayer monsters. To get an assignment, you have to visit 1 of 9 Slayer Masters throughout the game.

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