OSRS: Bloodveld

Bloodveld in OSRS are unique monsters that use magic-based melee attacks and are a popular way for players to gain experience and increase their Slayer level.

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS) there are assignments you get from a slayer master to kill specific monsters which improves your Slayer level.

Some of the monsters in these Slayer Tasks are called Bloodvelds and they can earn you a lot of experience. However, in order to fight these Bloodveld you need to find them, understand different strategies for fighting, and know which items may drop when you defeat them.

Slayer Tasks in OSRS

Slayer Assignments or Slayer Tasks in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) are handed out by slayer masters in the game and completing these tasks earn you a certain number of points. In this task, the slayer master gives you a number of specific monsters to kill and the more of these tasks you complete, the more your slayer experience improves.

These tasks are handed out based on a weighted system, where the task’s weight is divided by the sum of weights that the particular slayer master has assigned. This is then expressed as the percentage chance that you will be assigned a specific slayer task. There are several monsters in OSRS that can only be killed by the slayer skill.

OSRS: Bloodveld

Bloodveld are some of the monsters that can be assigned to you through a slayer task and killing them is a popular way for players to earn experience and train their skills.

OSRS: Bloodveld
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Bloodveld use their long tongues to attack players and you must be on a Slayer level of at least 50 to fight a Bloodveld. The magic-based melee attack of the Bloodveld means that even though they use melee attacks in a fight, it is your magic defence that determines how accurate the attack is and how much damage is dealt.

It is also worth noting that there are monsters called Mutated Bloodveld, which are just stronger variants of this monster and can be found in Catacombs of Kourend, Iorwerth Dungeon, and the Meiyerditch Laboratories. These two monsters have the same attack style. There is also a 1 in 200 chance that an insatiable Bloodveld will spawn if Bigger and Badder is unlocked.

To fully understand Bloodveld, it is important that you know where they can be found, what the best defence is against them, and the drops that you can expect when you have killed one.

Where are Bloodveld located?

There are many locations where you can find and fight Bloodveld, and these include:

Location Safespotting location Level required Number of spawns
God Wars Dungeon 81 16
Meiyerditch Laboratories 76 4
Slayer Tower (upper floor) In the North-eastern corner behind the chair or near the armour stands next to the wall 76 15
Slayer Tower (basement) In the North-west corner by the chair and broken table 76 12
Stronghold Slayer Cave In the North-east section of the Bloodveld area 76 12
Wilderness God Wars Dungeon Behind the piles of bricks, which are north-east of the exit rope 81 5

Safespotting Bloodvelds is a common strategy amongst players, as this monster has no defence bonus against ranged attacks and it can be an effective way to kill this monster.

Strategies for fighting Bloodveld

There are also other strategies that players use to fight Bloodveld. The maximum hit amount for Bloodveld is only 5, which is fairly low, but they hit consistently. It is also important to consider that Bloodveld have weaker defence, but high HP, which, when combined with the magic-based melee attacks, makes for an interesting fight.

Most players recommend using a combination of melee and range attacks on Bloodveld, as well as prayer and dragonhide to shield you from the high-accuracy attacks. Some specific gear needed for melee and range attacks is:

Type of attack Gear recommendations
Melee Use armour with good magic defence and melee weapons with the highest possible DPS.
Range Using ranging potions and prayer potions can help in this case. Dragonhide and weapons with a high DPS rate, such as bone crossbows or something like a blowpipe, work well here.

What drops can you expect from Bloodveld?

Bloodveld are relatively easy to kill, which makes them great for gaining experience, but it also means that you will not make a lot of money by killing Bloodveld. Some of the most valuable items you can expect to drop after killing Bloodveld are:

  • Vile Ashes
  • Black Boots (if you are doing ironman)
  • Rune Med Helm
  • Blood Runes
  • Ranarr Weed
  • Clue Scroll
  • Ensouled Bloodveld Head

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