OSRS: Beneath Cursed Sands

Beneath Cursed Sands is a quest in OSRS where you need to fight and defeat several bosses in order to uncover a mystery and earn rewards.

It is important that you complete quests in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) to access new locations and special rewards.

Beneath Cursed Sands is one such quest that requires a few basic elements to start and helps you uncover some lore by fighting various bosses and earning rewards for your victory.

Why completing quests is important in OSRS

Quests in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) are triggered by various NPCs in the game. They require you to travel to places in the game, complete certain tasks and actions, fight enemies, and defeat various bosses to earn specific rewards when you have completed the quest.

In OSRS, completing certain quests can help you unlock gates and access locations that you would not be able to access through regular gameplay. Completing quests can also help you acquire  special items that can assist you in your normal gameplay outside of the quest.

OSRS: Beneath Cursed Sands

The OSRS Beneath Cursed Sands quest is one such quest that can be found in the game. This quest features story-heavy elements which explain some of the lore regarding the plagues and closing of the gates in the city of Menaphos.

OSRS: Beneath Cursed Sands
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The point of this quest and the lore that is uncovered as you play through the quest, is to prepare you for the Tombs of Amascut raid. This raid is also quite story-driven and completing the quest is one way you can ensure that you are all caught up on the stories and characters you need for the raid and the overall Kharidian Desert lore.

To get a clear understanding of the Beneath Cursed Sands quest, there are a few elements that form part of the quest that you need to understand first. These elements are as follows:

Beneath Cursed Sands elements Summary
The requirements for the quest These are other quests that must be completed before you can access the Beneath Cursed Sands quest.
The boss fights you can expect during the quest These are the strongest enemies that you must prepare to face throughout the quest.
The rewards which you can receive by completing the quest These are items you receive after the successful completion of the quest.

Requirements for Beneath Cursed Sands

In the Beneath Cursed Sands quest, you investigate the plagues afflicting the residents of the Menaphos, which no one has been allowed to leave or enter for years. In order to do this, you need to speak to Maisa, a spy from Al Kharid, to help you solve this mystery.

However, before you can start with this quest, there are a few requirements that need to be met,  which are:

Category Requirement
Other quests which need to be completed first ·    Contact!

·    Prince Ali Rescue

·    Icthlarin’s Little Helper

·    Gertrude’s Cat

Agility Level 62
Crafting Level 55
Firemaking Level 55
Combat Level 85, but experts recommend that you have at least 100

Boss fights in Beneath Cursed Sands

As you work your way through the quest, you have to complete several puzzles and defeat some strong enemies. Some of the boss fights you can expect and the best way to go about these fights include:

Boss Best tactics

Head Menaphite Guard

It is recommended that you wear melee gear and do not pray melee when you fight this mini-boss.

Two Scarab Mages

Melee gear is enough to fight these enemies and Keris will do extra damage in this case.

The Champion of Scabaras

Ranged gear and food is recommended for this fight. Stamina potions, the Pharaoh’s sceptre, and means to combat desert heat and poison can help keep your stamina up as you are avoiding the enemy’s attacks.

Menaphite Akh

Melee combat equipment is recommended, and it can be helpful to run behind the enemy to avoid lightning strikes.

Rewards you will receive for completing Beneath Cursed Sands

Once you have defeated all these enemies and completed the Beneath Cursed Sands quest, you get several rewards, some of which are:

Reward Description
2 Questpoints These are added to your total number earned to measure your total quest completion in the game
20 000 Agility experience This adds to your overall agility skill level
Access to the Tombs of Amascut A raid that takes place in the Kharidian Desert
A Keris partisan A one-handed melee weapon
Circlet of water An equipped and untradeable waterskin-like item
Jaltevas teleport and fairy ring Alternative teleport options

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