OSRS: Ape Atoll

Ape Atoll is an Island in Old School RuneScape where players can find items, fight enemies, and complete quests to progress in their gameplay.

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is popular among players who prefer to work towards their own specific goals instead of following a set storyline and campaign.

Ape Atoll is an Island in OSRS that is one of the most dangerous places in the game. In order to understand the gameplay in Ape Atoll, you also need to understand the features of the island, how to get to it, and the Monkey Madness I quest.

Why do people play OSRS?

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is known for having fairly bare-bones graphics and controls, yet it was so popular with fans that the developer, Jagex Ltd, brought it back to old servers after an update that completely changed the setup of the game in RuneScape, so that players could enjoy the original format again.

Nostalgia is what draws most players to the OSRS game, but the open and free nature of the storyline in this sandbox MMORPG is what hooks you to keep on playing. There is no set storyline or campaign for players to follow in this game, which leaves you to set and follow your own goals by building your set of 23 skills in a way that reflects your individual playing style.

OSRS: Ape Atoll

While OSRS does not have a specific campaign for players to join, there are various quests and goals that players can complete to progress in their gameplay. These quests often involve visiting one of the kingdoms or islands in the Gielinor realm to build skills, find items and gold, fight enemies, and complete quests.

OSRS: How do you not get attacked on Ape Atoll?
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Ape Atoll is one of these islands, located in the Southern Sea. The Island is inhabited by different types of primates and is ruled by King Awowogei.

This island is known to be one of the most dangerous places that players can travel to in the game, especially if you have not used a greegree to take the form of a monkey or a gorilla when you travel there. There are also a few natural hazards that can get you into trouble.

In order to truly understand all the aspects of gameplay in Ape Atoll, it is also important to understand the features that the island offers, how to get to the island, and how the Monkey Madness I quest factors into the way you interact with the rest of the island.

Features of the Ape Atoll Island

When you play on OSRS’s Ape Atoll Island, you encounter some of the main features that the island has to offer, including:

Features Description


You may encounter the prison as part of the Monkey Madness I quest and can take moderate damage from the guards.

Temple of Marimbo

This temple can be found on the north-east side of the island, and it allows you can cast prayer spells for protection.


Here, you can find many notable figures and stalls.

Agility course

This is one of the best training courses in the realm for players with high-level agility.

Hardwood trees

There are mahogany trees just outside of the gate on the island and teak trees on the south-eastern part of the island.


The three dungeons on the Ape Atoll island include the Ape Atoll Dungeon, the Temple of Marimbo Dungeon, and Kruk’s Dungeon.

How to get to Ape Atoll

In order to access the Ape Atoll Island, you need to complete the Monkey Madness I quest. Once you have completed this quest, you need to interact with the spirit tree and select the second option, “Teleport Spirit Tree.” Then, select the “Tree Gnome Stronghold” teleport option.

Once you arrive at the Tree Gnome Stronghold, head north-east until you find Daero, who will send you to Crash Island. On Crash Island, you have to find Waydar, and once you have spoken to him, he will teleport you to the final island. On the final island, speaking to Lumdo will allow you to be taken to Ape Atoll.

The Monkey Madness I quest

The Monkey Madness I quest is an important mission to complete for you to be able to access all of the gameplay elements of Monkey Madness. Completing or partially completing this quest is the only way to access the island.

You can also get a greegree through completion of this quest, after which you can disguise yourself as a monkey or gorilla. Doing this will make some inhabitants of the island less aggressive towards you.

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