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Core Keeper currently has two NPCs (non-playable characters) who serve as shopkeepers to the player. Each NPC can be obtained when certain bosses are defeated. This includes Glurch the Abominous Mass who drops slime oil for the Bearded Merchant and Ghorm the Devourer who drops the mysterious idol for the Caveling Merchant.

Housing requirements

The following requirements must be followed for an NPC to move in:

  1. A room that is not bigger than 8×8 tiles with wood doors only (this is a bug that will be fixed to allow stone doors in future).
  2. A bed that is not already taken by another NPC or player.
  3. You must place the NPC spawn item dropped by a boss in order to attract an NPC into their respective room.
  4. The player cannot be nearby the room once the housing is built. The player need to be more than 30 tiles away for the NPC to move in.

Lighting is not needed in the room in order for them to move in. It shouldn’t take more than a minute for the NPC to arrive if all the requirements are fulfilled.

List of NPCs

ImageDescriptionSpawn requirementShop
Bearded MerchantSlime oil must be placed in an habitable room
Caveling MerchantSells equipments, Boss summoning items, materials, and a weapon recipe.Mysterious idol must be placed in an habitable roomCaveling Bread, Iron Chunk Necklace, Flintlock Musket, Giant Slime Idol, Ghorm Idol, Hive Mother Idol, Mechanical Part, Ancient Gemstone, Rune Parchment.

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