Lost Ark: Valtan Extreme Rewards

The Valtan Raid has returned to Arkesia for the second anniversary celebrations, and this time around, there are a lot of exciting rewards up for grabs.

Lost Ark’s much-awaited Second Anniversary has now officially arrived, and so have many other exciting in-game events.

The most recent 2 Extreme Update introduces a ton of birthday-celebration fun, including a revamped Valtan Extreme legion raid, which comes with its own, exclusive rewards.

How the Valtan Extreme raid works

In an all-around exciting twist of events, Valtan is returning to Arkesia in a rebooted and more challenging 8-player raid.

You will be able to complete this raid on two different levels, the Normal difficulty (for which you will need Item Level 1580) and the Hard difficulty (for which you will need Item Level 1620).

Clearing 2 Gates the first time around will earn you the first-time-clear rewards, and additional rewards will be added as you re-clear again.

Lost Ark: Valtan Extreme Rewards
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As with the new Second Anniversary Event quests, the reward opportunity for the Valtan Extreme raid will reset every two weeks (from just after maintenance, to just before maintenance), as follows:

  1. February 7, 2024 to February 21, 2024
  2. February 21, 2024 to March 6, 2024
  3. March 6, 2024 to March 20, 2024

The rewards for clearing the Valtan Extreme raid

The rewards up for grabs upon completion of this raid are as follows:

Clearance Rewards
First clear Ancient box with:

  • Baltan x1
  • Legendary Card Pack III x1
  • Menelik’s Book x5
  • Amulet of Defense x1
  • Shilling x3,000,000
Normal 6,500 Gold and an Artifact box with:

  • Fragment of Honor x45,000
  • Brilliant Honor Breakthrough Stone (Binded) x150
  • Refined Destruction Stone (Binded) x3,000
  • Refined Guardian Stone (Bound) x6,000
Hard 15,000 Gold and a large Demonic Beats Refinement Material Box with:

  • Fragment of Honor x75,000
  • Brilliant Honor Breakthrough Stone (Binded) x250
  • Refined Destruction Stone (Binded) x5,000
  • Refined Guardian Stone (Bound) x10,000

As an added bonus, this Gold can be obtained whether or not your Lost Ark character has been designated to earn Gold.

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