Lost Ark: Unity and Providence skins

Some of the most exciting rewards that will be available in Lost Ark over the next few weeks are the new Unity and Providence skins.

Things are heating up in Arkesia from February 7, 2024 to March 20, 2024, as Lost Ark celebrates not only its second birthday in the West, but also the release of the 2 Extreme Update.

And, in order to give back to the loyal Lost Ark community that has supported the game over the last few years, the next six weeks will see the release of a ton of new goodies – including the new Providence and Unity skins.

All about the Providence and Unity skins

There will be a ton on new rewards available in Arkesia over the next few weeks, but the Unity and Providence skins are certainly some of the most exciting.

This collection of new cosmetics were designed by the Lost Ark Korea team and have arrived neatly packaged, just in time for all the festivities and celebrations.

Once you join in on the Arkesia Festival fun, you will be able to choose between either the Unity or Providence-themed skins (available for every class).

Either of these themed skins will include matching weapons, one of four different Jelopy mounts and a special Moon Fox pet.

Lost Ark: Unity and Providence skins
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How to acquire the Unity and Providence skins

If you want to get your hands on these new Providence and Unity skins, you will need to start earning tokens right away.

The best way to go about earning these tokens (which are redeemable in the event shop), is to ensure that you take advantage of the new co-op quests, which will form part of the Arkesia Festival in the port cities of all the major continents.

New co-op quests will arrive every two weeks, for the next six weeks.  You will also be able to earn tokens by participating in other events, clearing Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids, and from the Daily Playtime Rewards over the next few weeks.

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