Lost Ark: Second Anniversary Gifts

Lost Ark’s Second Anniversary includes a few free gifts, as a thank-you to the players that made it all possible.

Lost Ark is reining in its second year in the West with a Second Anniversary community celebration, The Arkesia Festival, which kicks off on February 8 2024.

This celebration not only marks the arrival of the 2 Extreme Update, but also aims to give back to all of the loyal Lost Ark players that have made the game such a success, through the inclusion of a few special gifts.

The Second Anniversary Gifts up for grabs

Along with all of the exclusive, limited-time events and rewards up for grabs over the next six weeks, Lost Ark has also rewarded its Lost Ark players with a whole party’s worth of gifts.

The gifts included in this year’s Anniversary Celebration, can be summarized as follows:

Gift Quantity
2nd Anniversary Headband Selection Chest x1
Winter Trail Effect Selection Chest x1
Structure: 2nd Anniversary Cake x1
Winter MokoCahni Skin Selection Chest x1
Chaos Dungeon Rest Bonus Recovery Brew x5
Pheon x50
Legendary Engraving Recipe Selection Chest x5
Regulus’s Light Currency Chest x20
Special Legendary Card Selection Pack x1
Book of Judgment Chest x1
Wishful Amulet x5
Menelik’s Tome x5
Lost Ark: Second Anniversary Gifts
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How to acquire and use the Second Anniversary Gifts

Unlike last year’s First Anniversary celebration, where you had to run all over Arkesia to collect letter cards in order to access all of these wonderful gifts – this year, all you will have to do is to log-in.

This time around, you can spend all of your in-game time over the next six weeks completing the Second Anniversary co-op quests, the Birthday Bash Event and more.

In effect, you should already have all of this year’s gifts in your Product Inventory as soon as you log-in to the game.

Though, remember to log-in daily, even after you have checked your Product Inventory, as the Second Anniversary Event will also have other daily log-in rewards for you to collect.

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