Kenshi: Acid Rain

Acid Rain is one of the Weather Effects in Kenshi, and it deals blunt damage to your characters if they are not protected.

In this popular video game, Kenshi, players can enjoy a combination of role-playing and real-time strategy elements. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, in which it is extremely difficult for any form of life to survive. Players start the game with no skills as they struggle to survive the early stages of the game.

Luckily, you can acquire skills by doing certain actions, such as levelling up your thievery skill by stealing items. As you advance in the game, you are can recruit characters from different factions and species to join your squad.

Eventually, you will be able to build a town and an outpost, and many other things. In Kenshi, weather is a constant concern, whether you decide to construct an outpost or not.


Similarly to real life, the weather in Kenshi can change quite often and it can have certain Weather Effects. You should bear in mind that these Weather Effects can deal damage to your characters, or simply detract from their statistics.

It is noteworthy that skeletons are never affected by weather. Furthermore, the Weather Effects can be affected by changing seasons. Most Zones in the game only have 1 season, but some have multiple.

Zones with multiple seasons generally have the year evenly divided between those seasons, though this is not always the case.

Kenshi: Acid Rain
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Kenshi: Acid Rain

One of the Weather Effects in the game is Acid Rain, which is a type of weather that polluted Zones usually have. In addition to equipping your characters with protective clothing, you can build tents to hide them from the Acid.

Alternatively, players can enter any building to shield themselves from the Weather Effect. Even though it rains Acid in Vain, it does not have a weather effect, which means that it would not damage your characters.

Keep in mind that Acid Rain protection does not do anything when you are swimming in Acid in Vain or in the Deadlands. However, it is advised that you equip your character with Acid Rain protection while traveling through the Deadlands, including shoes, as the ground is also acidic.

That being said, certain characters do not need Acid Rain protection, namely Hivers, Skeletons, and all types of Animals. However, even though 100 percent Acid Rain protection is not necessary, your characters will complain vocally when it is active.

When unprotected characters experience Acid Rain, every exposed body part will slowly get blunt damage.

Kenshi: Acid Rain
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In which zones does Acid Rain occur?

As previously mentioned, the different zones in the game that experience distinctive Weather Effects. Some of the zones in which Acid Rain occurs are:

Zone Description
Burning Forest A swampy forest filled with Blood Spiers. Its namesake comes from the Acid Rain as it commonly occurs in the region.
Darkfinger A peninsula west of Sinkuun, and it is primarily inhabited by Cannibals.
Northern Coast It is home to Deadcats and Cannibals
The Iron Trail The Iron Trail is a narrow flatfield with sparse vegetation leading from Cannibal Plains to the east across to the western sea.

Protection gear

It is crucial that you equip your characters with protective gear before you get Acid Rain. If you do not have access to protective gear, it is advisable that you seek shelter in a tent or inside a building. There are various types of protective gear, however, their protection percentage from Acid Rain differs.

The table below outlines some of the gear you can find in the game and how much protection they provide:

Type of gear Item
Headgear ·   Karuta Zurkin (20 percent protection)

·   Armoured Hood (25 percent protection)

·   Ashland Hat (50 percent protection)

·   Crab Helmet (60 percent protection)

Body Armour ·   Sleeveless Longcoat (60 percent protection)

·   Dustcoat (80 percent protection)

·   Plate Jacket (40 percent protection)

Legwear ·   Drifters Leather Pants (10 percent protection)

·   Plated Drifter’s Leather Pants (10 percent)

What are other Weather Effects?

In addition to Acid Rain, players may experience 3 other types of Weather Effects. The following table lists and explains the Weather Effects:

Weather effect Description
Burning This Weather Effect takes place in Venge, and players travelling through the area will see large moving rays. These beams move incredibly fast for a few seconds, then disappear. Any character exposed to these rays without protection will experience brutal burns.
Duststorms Duststorms occur in desert regions and they affect your characters’ attacking accuracy. If your character does not have duststorm protection, their perception and precision shooting are reduced by 19 percent.
Gas This is the rarest weather effect, and when unprotected characters walk through Gas, they will suffer blunt damage.

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