FFXIV: Where is the boat to Gangos?

The boat, which you can take to Gangos even after you have completed the Bozjan questlines, can be found at Doman Enclave or by speaking to Namai.

Gangos is an important location in Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV): Shadowbringers, especially as it pertains to the Bozjan Resistance storyline and questlines.

There are many reasons to travel to Gangos and you can do this even after you have completed the questlines that take you to the Gangos location. Travelling here, however, requires that you complete a few other quest chains first and find the Airship Pilot who can take you.

What is important about Gangos in FFXIV?

Gangos is a significant location in the Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) game, especially in the Shadowbringers expansion pack, as it is the headquarters of the Bozjan Resistance. Gangos is a hidden encampment where the Bozjan resistance has their forces at the south-eastern shores of Ilsabard. It is protected by glamours to conceal it from enemy forces.

Gangos is also an important location in many of the questlines pertaining to the Bozjan Resistance, such as the Resistance Weapon questline and the Save the Queen: Blade of Gunnhildr questline, both of which heavily feature in this zone when you are playing through them.

FFXIV: Where is the boat to Gangos?

There are many reasons that players may want to travel to Gangos or to the Bozjan Southern Front. There is an interesting storyline and lots of lore to uncover when you play in this zone.

FFXIV: Where is the boat to Gangos?
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There are also several unique gameplay mechanics that allow players to participate in various raid-like instances and to capitalise on skill-building and gear collection activities once you are in the region.

When you complete the Save the Queen: Blade of Gunnhildr quest, you automatically end up in Gangos, which allows you to explore this location for a while. However, if you have left the location and want to make your way back to it at any point, it may be a more complicated journey.

To make your way back to Gangos after you have left it, you need to go to the Doman Enclave. Then, you will find an Airship Pilot who can transport you back to Gangos. This Airship Pilot can be found at X:9.0 and Y:9.0.

In this instance, it is important that you understand why players want to visit Gangos after they have completed quests there, what the requirements are for travelling to Gangos, and the process of going to Gangos via the Airship Pilot.

Why would players want to visit Gangos?

When you are playing FFXIV, you may encounter Gangos during stages of quests that centre around the Bozjan Resistance, but there are also other things to do at this location.

Gangos and the Bozjan storyline has its own levelling system, and you can participate in Skirmishes, which are FATE-like battles and Critical Engagements – these are similar to boss fights. Both of these can help you gain normal XP while you are there.

However, even after you have completed this quest, you may need to go back to Gangos quite often to find Gerolt and the Wandering Dramaturge. Gerolt is the non-player character (NPC) who forges Relic Weapons, and you will have to visit him frequently if you are on a mission to collect and level up the weapons in the game.

The requirement for travelling to Gangos

To unlock Gangos as a location, there are a few questlines you need to complete first, including:

  • The Return to Ivalice Questline, which also means that you need to complete The Royal City of Rabanastre, The Ridorana Lighthouse, and The Orbonne Monastery questlines.
  • Hail to the Queen in Kugane. This questline can be accessed through Keiten at X:12.2 and Y:12.3. Then you need to follow the quest path by doing Path to the Past from Marsak to reach Gangos.

How to get to Gangos

The way to get to Gangos, after you have completed the Save the Queen questline, is by following these steps:

Step 1: Teleport to Doman Enclave. If you have not attuned to the Aetheryte crystal Doman Enclave, you should first talk to the ferry skipper at the western shore of Yanxia, named Namai and he will take you to the Doman Enclave on a boat, and then to Gangos on a boat.

Step 2: When you arrive at Doman Enclave Airship Pilot at X:9.0 and Y:9.0, he can take you straight to the forge at Gangos.

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