FFXIV: How to get dyes

Final Fantasy XIV allows players to change the colour of their characters’ gear by using dyes, which can be purchased or crafted.

Players are invited to explore the persistent world of Eorzea in this adventurous video game, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). As the game’s name suggests, it is part of the classic Final Fantasy series, which means that you will experience similar content throughout the series.

The game has a variety of activities and occasional events for you to enjoy, but before you can partake in them, you first have to create and customise a character. When you create a character, you may notice that his or her clothing is dyed a specific colour. Luckily, you can change these colours at a later stage in the game.


Dyeing refers to the application of dye to gear in order to change its colour. Before you can dye your gear, you have to complete the Color Your World quest in Vesper Bay, which is situated in Western Thanalan. You can pick up the quest by talking to Swyrgeim, a non-player character (NPC).

Alternatively, you can complete A Self-Improving Man quest, which you can find in Wiscard, Mor Dhona. For these quests, players either have to deliver or purchase Orange Juice. When you have completed the quest, you gain access to the dyeing feature.

FFXIV: How to get dyes

Players can dye their armour a variety of colours, but, they first have to acquire and collect a dye before they can use it. There are numerous available methods to get dyes, such as purchasing them from vendors, or crafting them from pigments. However, you can also purchase dyes from the official FFXIV store with real-life money.

There are currently 35 dye recipes you can learn in the game, though some of these recipes require a Disciple of Hand level of 30. In order to find the special dyes, you have to look in a separate section in the Crafting Log called Special Recipes.

It is important to note that you will get a few dye pots after crafting a dye. You consume a dye pot every time you dye an armour piece a specific colour. In the game, you can find neutral dyes, red dyes, brown dyes, yellow dyes, green dyes, blue dyes, and purple dyes. Each dye has a range of variants of the specific colour.

The table below highlights some of the variants and where to find them:

Dye Variant How to acquire
Neutral Pearl White Dye Sold by Enie The Firmament
Red Wine Red Dye Crafting
Brown Aldgoat Brown Dye Sylphic Vendor
Yellow Coeurl Yellow Dye Amalj’aa Vendor
Green Mud Green Dye Sold for Gil by non-player characters
Blue Storm Blue Dye Crafting
Purple Lavender Purple Dye Sahagin Vendor
FFXIV: How to get dyes
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How to dye items

Once you have obtained a dye and have decided on an item to dye, you can right click on it in your inventory. Players can select the dye option from the sub-command menu. If you do not see this option, it means that the item cannot be dyed.

You can then preview an array of dyes in the pop-up modal, and it is worth noting that you can also view dyes that you do not own. When you have decided on the colour you want, you can click on the dye icon to confirm the colour change.

Where to purchase dyes

You can buy dyes from non-player characters (NPCs) scattered around the fictional world, but it is advised that you purchase dyes from either Nanabe, who is situated in the Steps of Thal of Ul’dah, Unsynrael, who can be found in the Lower Decks of Limsa Lominsa, or Alaric in Old Gridania.

The prices of these dyes depend on their colour and rarity, however, the dyes generally cost between 60 and 1000 Gil.

Dye prices

Players can purchase dyes from the online FFXIV store with real-life money. The table below highlights some of the dyes available, and their prices:

Dye Price
Pot of Pure White Dye $ 1.04
10 pots of JetBlack Dye $ 5.30
Pot of Metallic Sky-Blue Dye $ 0.71
10 Pots of Metallic Gold Dye $ 5.30
Pot of Pastel Green Dye $ 0.71

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