EU4: Qara Qoyunlu missions

Qara Qoyunlu can be a very important part of the EU4 gameplay in the Near and Middle East and this nation has quite the extensive mission tree.

The Europa Universalis IV (EU4) King of Kings immersion pack has now officially found its place in the ever-growing EU4 world.

And since this expansion focuses largely on reviving gameplay in the Near and Middle East, it has also introduced a ton of new missions and exciting options within these nations, including the often-overlooked Qara Qoyunlu.

All about Qara Qoyunlu

Qara Qoyunlu is certainly one of the less talked-about nations in the EU4 world. In fact, this country is such an underdog that it has even earned the nickname of “The Black Sheep”.

The primary culture in Qara Qoyunlu is Azerbaijani (Iranian), and after years of internal conflict, the nation’s religion is still mainly Shia.

However, while there are doubts about Qara Qoyunlu’s leader, the aging Shah Rukh, this nation’s unique proximity to a few small neighboring nations can give it a real fighting chance against the imposing Ottomans, Timurids and Mamluks.

As a result, the Qara Qoyunlu missions branch out to the South, West and East.

How the Qara Qoyunlu mission tree works

Qara Qoyunlu, like many of the other nations on the EU4 map, recently received a brand-new and revamped mission tree, which is outlined as follows:

Expansion Missions
Southern expansion
  • Emirs of Mesopotamia
  • Custodian of Baghdad
  • The House of Wisdom
  • The Era of the Black Sheep
  • Claim Basra
  • Dominate the Gulf
  • Build a Merchant Fleet
  • Control Hormuz
Western Expansion
  • Stabilize the Interior
  • Caucasian Consolidation
  • Dismantle Aq Qoyunlu
  • Overpower the Mamluks
  • Anatolian Turnabout
  • Mounted Dread
  • Reorganize the State
  • A Gunpowder Empire
Eastern Expansion
  • Princes of Persia
  • Strike the Heart of Iran
  • Break Timur’s Bloodline
  • Legacy of Seljuk
  • The Oghuz Homeland
  • Turco-Persian Architecture
  • Repopulate Iran
  • Shahanshahs of Eranshahr
Internal Expansion
  • Patronize Arts and Literature
  • The Maragheh Observatory
  • Imperial Fabrics
  • Build the Blue Mosque
  • Pearl of the Empire
  • Splendid Court
  • Kitab-i Diyarbakriyya
Qara Qoyunlu missions
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