EU4: Our Religious Direction

The Our Religious Direction mission is a crucial turning point for any country in the new EU4 King of Kings immersion pack.

The new Europa Universalis IV (EU4) King of Kings immersion pack has now officially landed.

This new addition to the game endeavors to expand EU4 even more, with richer gameplay enforced with over 170 new events, dozens of changes to Government Reforms and Estates for the Byzantine Empire, the Mamluk Sultanate, Persia and more, and over 300 new missions for players to take on.

And since religion has become such an important element in this new version of the game – it is important to take note of the new and crucial Our Religious Direction mission.

What the Our Religious Direction mission is all about

Religious affiliation is now more important than ever in the world of EU4 and as a result, the Our Religious Direction mission implores you to seek the help of various religious experts before you embark on the great task of building a steadfast nation.

Choosing a religion is certainly an undeniably important task for any growing nation, but since the EU4 King of Kings immersion pack deals with such an important part of the Near and Middle East, this decision could have far-reaching implications, even beyond the fate of your chosen country.

EU4: Our Religious Direction
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How to complete the Our Religious Direction mission

There are no prerequisites for completing the Our Religious Direction mission, but your country will need to have an inquisitor or a Theologian advisor if you want to complete this mission in due time.

Moreover, if your country has a Clergy estate, you will need to ensure that this estate has at least three privileges to complete this mission.

Completing the Our Religious Direction mission will increase your administrative power with 50 points.

And completing this mission will also allow you to unlock the buttons that you can use to give you a preview of the Shia, Sunni and Zoroastrian Mission branches.

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