ESO: Ethereal Key

In The Elder Scrolls Online game, you can find an Ethereal Key, which is used to unlock the Ethereal Trophy Vault in The Imperial City.

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a massively multiplayer online video game (MMORPG) that is set in the fictional world of Tamriel. You are invited to enjoy a storyline that is indirectly connected with the other titles in the classic Elder Scrolls franchise. Unlike its predecessors, ESO does not offer players an offline, single play mode.

Nonetheless, the game has content suited for online solo play. Once your character has reached level 10, you can explore Cyrodiil, which is the ultimate player-versus-player (PVP) zone. In Cyrodiil’s main city, you can find Trophy Vaults. You can access these vaults by collecting keys, specifically the Ethereal Key.

Player-versus-player mode

The player-versus-player (PvP) gaming mode is a feature in ESO that enables players to achieve many goals individually or in a group by fighting players who belong to other Alliances in Cyrodiil. Cyrodiil is the central province of Tamriel and home of the Imperials, who stand alone in the Alliance War.

It is worth noting that PvP is an optional gaming mode, as it does not influence the outcome of the game’s main storyline. You can avoid it entirely, however, you may have to visit the Imperial City to use your Ethereal Key.

ESO: Ethereal Key

The Ethereal Trophy Vault is a treasure vault in the Arena District of the Imperial City. At release, this vault was opened with an Ethereal Key which was crafted from 60 Dark Ether trophies. Although these keys continue to exist in the game, they have been replaced by Key Fragments.

ESO: Ethereal Key
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This means that you can either use 60 Key Fragments or an Ethereal Key to gain access to the Ethereal Trophy Vault. Within the vault, you will find a treasure chest, which contains an array of rewards, including:

Item Description
Glorgoloch the Destroyer This monster set has 2 armour pieces, namely, head and shoulder. Equipping one piece will add between 28 and 1206 maximum health to your character. However, you will benefit from a stack of Flesh Fortress by equipping 2 pieces
Nibenese Court Wizard Style It is an armour-only outfit style inspired by Nibenese mages. It cannot be crafted, and is only available as part of the Outfit System
Xivkyn It is a crafting skill that can only be learned by reading the book or its individual chapters
Willpower Willpower is a jewellery set found in the Imperial City. Equipping 2 pieces on your character adds between 40 and 1752 maximum Magicka while 3 pieces adds between 4 and 206 weapon and spell damage

Players should note that there is no guarantee that they will receive the above-mentioned items. This is because the drops you receive from the treasure chest are randomly generated.

How to reach the Ethereal Trophy Vault

As previously mentioned, you have to at least be on level 10 to enter the Alliance War. To go to the Imperial City, you have to press “L” on your keyboard, which will trigger the Alliance War menu. The menu allows you to enter any of the available campaigns.

If you are not a regular PvP player, it is recommended that you select the non-championship point campaign. After selecting a campaign, your character will be teleported to your Alliance base, in which you cannot be attacked or defeated.

Since the vault is in the Arena District, it is advisable that you search which ladder in your base spawns in the Arena District. You can then find the vault and get the loot, but bear in mind that other Alliances can attack you.

Additional Trophy Vaults

In addition to the Ethereal Trophy Vault, players can find 7 other Trophy Vaults in the Imperial City. The following table lists the vaults as well as their locations:

Trophy Vault Location
Bone Shard Memorial District
Clawed Arboretum
Daedric Embers White-Gold Tower
Daedric Shackle Imperial City Prison
Legionary Trophy Vault Nobles District
Monstrous Tooth Temple District
Planar Armour Elven Gardens District

What is the difference between champion points and non-champion points campaigns?

It is worth noting that anyone can join any of the campaigns, and while there are no specific bonuses to the campaigns, there are some differences. In the champion points campaign, all of your character’s champion points will be active.

This means that, depending on the quantity, you are more or less protected, will do more or less damage, and can utilise your resources more or less. In the non-CP campaign, all points are deactivated. None of the bonuses are applied to your character and also not to enemy players.

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