ESO: Clawed Key

You can use the Clawed Key in The Elder Scrolls Online to unlock the chest in the Clawed Trophy Vault, which can be found in the Imperial City.

Gamers are invited to explore the fictional world of Tamriel in this classic video game, The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). As its name implies, ESO is part of the distinguished Elder Scrolls game series. You will thus likely experience similar locations, questlines, and enemies in this version of the game.

Unlike its predecessors, ESO does not provide a mode for single-player, offline play. However, the game has content suited to online solo play. As you progress in the game, you can discover various keys, one of which is the Clawed Key. This key can only be used to unlock the chest in the Clawed Trophy Vault, which you can find in the Imperial City.

Trophy Vaults in the Imperial City

There are currently 8 Trophy Vaults you can find in the Imperial City, which is the central city and the capital of Cyrodiil and the former Empire. It is noteworthy that the only way you can enter the city is through the Alliance War menu.

The table below lists all the vaults in the city as well as their locations:

Trophy Vault Location
Bone Shard Memorial District
Daedric Embers Palace Sewers below the White-Gold Tower
Daedric Shackle Imperial City Prison
Ethereal Arena District
Legionary Nobles District
Monstrous Tooth Temple District
Planar Armor Elven Gardens District

ESO: Clawed Key

In addition to the Trophy Vaults above, you can find the Clawed Trophy Vault in the Arboretum of the Imperial City. At release, this vault was opened with a Clawed Key that was crafted from 60 Bloody Claw trophies.

ESO: Clawed Key
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Although these still exist in-game, they have been replaced by Key Fragments. You can now unlock the chest with 60 Key Fragments, instead of a Clawed Key. Once you have collected 60 Key Fragments or a Clawed Key, you can find the Clawed Trophy Vault in the Imperial City.

To enter the Imperial City, press “L” to open the Alliance War menu. Bear in mind that your character has to at least be on level 10 before you can enter the player-versus-player area. In the Alliance War menu, you can select the campaign that you want to participate in.

After choosing a campaign, your character will be transported to your Alliance’s base. It is worth noting that you will not be attacked by other Alliances in your base. You can then go to the Arboretum, which is the southeastern district of the Imperial City to find the Clawed Trophy Vault.

Even though you may not be attacked or defeated in your base, it is likely that you will be attacked outside it. If you are not a PvP player, it is recommended that you use a stealth skill while moving in the common areas. Alternatively, you can travel with gamers from the same Alliance, as groups are less likely to be attacked by a single player.

Which items can you get from the Clawed Trophy Vault?

You can loot the following items from the chest in the Clawed Trophy Vault:

Loot Description
Agility set pieces It is a jewellery set found in the Imperial City. Your character will benefit from between 40 and 1752 maximum stamina when 2 pieces are equipped. The set adds between 2 and 206 weapons and spell damage when 3 pieces are equipped
Xivkyn Motif chapters You can earn this crafting style by reading the book, Crafting Motif 17: Xivkyn Style, or its individual chapters
Lady Malygda monster set helm This monster set contains 2 armour pieces, namely, head and shoulder. You will benefit from Offensive Penetration when equipping 1 piece, but equipping both pieces is more beneficial

Can you still acquire the Clawed Keys?

Although Clawed Keys were replaced by Key Fragments, it does not mean that you cannot acquire a Clawed Key. Players can allegedly earn Clawed Keys as rewards for completing specific tasks during in-game events.

For example, during the Zeal of Zenithar event, gamers had to complete 1 of 3 daily tasks to earn a Zenithar’s Delightful Parcel. These parcels usually contain rewards, one of which is Imperial City vault keys. Regrettably, you cannot choose which key you want, as they are randomly generated.

How many districts are there in Imperial City?

The Imperial City is divided between the 6 Imperial Districts and the Imperial Sewers. Each Alliance has a base in the sewers which provides access to all its districts. However, returning to your base requires traversing through the Sewers. Gameplay in the Sewers is quite similar to a large public dungeon, however, other players can still attack and defeat you.

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