ESO: Carved-Bone Key

The Carved-Bone Key in The Elder Scrolls Online allows you to open a chest within the Bone Shard Trophy Vault, which is situated in Imperial City.

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a well-renowned massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It takes place in the continent of Tamriel, in which you can enjoy a storyline that is indirectly connected with the other titles in the Elder Scrolls series. Unlike its predecessors, ESO does not provide a mode for single-player, offline play.

Nevertheless, the game has content suited for online solo play. While advancing in the game, you may discover trophy vaults in the Imperial City, however, these vaults require specific keys to open. One of the vaults you can open is the Bone Shard Trophy Vault, which requires the Carved-Bone Key, or Key Fragments.

What is the Imperial City?

The Imperial City is the central city and the capital of Cyrodiil, which is the ultimate player-versus-player zone. The bridges to the city are all blocked with impenetrable force fields and attempting to swim across results in defeat.

This is because of the infestation of slaughterfish. Entry to the city is only available through the Alliance War menu. Within the Imperial City, you will find the Imperial Sewers and 6 Imperial Districts. Every Alliance has a small base in the sewers, which provides access to the districts.

It is worth noting that once you step into a district, any player from another Alliance can kill you, and vice versa.

ESO: Carved-Bone Key

There are currently 8 Trophy Vaults in the Imperial City, each of which requires a unique key to open the treasure chest inside the vault. The Bone Shard Trophy Vault can be opened with 60 Key Fragments, however, at release, the vault was opened with a Carved-Bone Key.

ESO: Carved-Bone Key
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This key was crafted from 60 Bone Shard trophies. These no longer exist in-game, and have been replaced by Key Fragments. This is unlike the outdated key shards for the other trophy vaults which still exist in the game, despite having been replaced by Key Fragments.

Although the Carved-Bone Keys were replaced by Key Fragments, you can still acquire them during unique events, such as the Zeal of Zenithar event. Once you have a Carved-Bone Key, or 60 Key Fragments, you can open the chest inside the vault.

There is a chance that the chest will drop Willpower set pieces, the Nunatak monster helm, and Xivkyn Motif chapters. The table below describes each one:

Drop Description
Willpower It is a jewellery set in the Imperial City Treasure Vaults. Equipping 2 pieces adds between 40 and 1752 maximum magic, while 3 pieces will provide your character with between 4 and 206 weapon and spell damage
Xivkyn Motifs It is a crafting style that can only be learned by reading the book, or individual chapters
Nunatak This monster helm set contains 2 armour pieces, including a head and shoulders. Equipping 1 piece provides your character with additional armour, and 2 pieces deal a certain amount of frost damage to enemies. It can also immobilise enemies

Zeal of Zenithar event

The Carved-Bone Keys were replaced by Key Fragments, as stated previously, but players received some Carved-Bone Keys during the Zeal of Zenithar event, which is a newly-introduced in-game event that concluded on 12 July 2022.

During the event, you had to complete specific tasks to earn rewards. Players had to complete these tasks daily to get the Zenithar’s Sublime or Delightful Parcel, which contained:

  • Crafting boosters
  • Furnishing diagrams
  • Provisioning recipes
  • Imperial City Vault Keys
  • Companion equipment
  • Random Currency Pouch
  • High Rock Spellsword style pages

Where is the Bone Shard Trophy Vault?

The Bone Shard Trophy Vault is in the Memorial District of the Imperial City. You can access this district by going to your Alliance’s base before searching for the Memorial District ladder. It is recommended that you take this ladder, as you will be taken directly to the district.

If you take another district’s ladder, you have to run to the Memorial District and risk being killed by other players.

How to enter the Imperial City

As previously mentioned, the only way to enter the Imperial City is through the Alliance War. It is the ongoing conflict between the Aldmeri Dominion, Ebonheart Pact and the Daggerfall Covenant. Keep in mind that you can only enter the war when your character has reached level 10.

ESO: Carved-Bone Key
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When your character reaches level 10, you will get a message in the mail that invites you to Cyrodiil. You can then press “L” to open the Alliance War menu, in which you can select a campaign. After selecting a campaign, you will enter the PVP zone.

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