Elden Ring: Volcano Manor

The Volcano Manor questline in Elden Ring can be accessed in a few ways and has many NPC quests, rare loot, and lore to uncover.

Volcano Manor is one of the more bizarre and complicated questlines in Elden Ring and though it does not directly affect the main storyline, it can help you explore some lore and various NPC quests.

It can be quite enriching to get to Volcano Manor, join the cause, and play through the various NPC quests and assassinations. There are also some tips for gear and weapons that are helpful on your quests.

About Volcano Manor

The Volcano Manor questline can be easy to miss and is not one of the main storylines that you need to finish the Elden Ring game. Although, it does have many NPC quests and rare loot that you can earn from these quests, which can enrich your game considerably.

The Volcano Manor is bizarre and complicated, but it reveals a lot of lore and can have an interesting conclusion where you encounter Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy.

Elden Ring: Volcano Manor

In order to start the Volcano Manor questline, it is important that you know how to get to the Volcano Manor in the first place. The three main ways to get to the Manor are:

Paths into Volcano Manor Summary

Help Rya

In Liurnia, you will find an NPC (non-player character) named Rya standing next to the Bird’s Eye Telescope in a gazebo. Rya will ask you to retrieve a necklace. After you travel northwest from that location, you can buy the necklace from Blackguard Big Boggart shack and return it to her where she waits at the Grand Lift of Dectus at the Altus Plateau. She will then give you an invitation to the manor.

Travel over the mountains

Travel to the Bridge of Iniquity, which is north of Altus Plateau that can be found just south of Shaded Castle. Once you are over the bridge, you can head west towards First Mt. Gelmir Campsite site of grace and continue to the Ninth. Next you need to use the nearby spirit spring to get to the top of the mountain, where the Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast is waiting. Either fight or run past the beast to get to the jutting rock on the west side of the crater and drop down to follow the pathway to the manor.

Getting abducted by enemies

Getting Killed by the Abductor Virgins in the Academy of Raya Lucaria can be a shortcut to get to the Volcano Manor basement, but it is a long and dangerous path to get into the manor from here and it is generally best to try the other paths first.
Elden Ring: Volcano Manor
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Joining Volcano Manor and Lady Tanith

The Volcano Manor is home to the hosts of NPC questlines. One of the first characters you will encounter once you have reached the manor is Lady Tanith.

When you speak to her, she will explain that she and the master of the manor would like to recruit you to join their cause, which opposes the Erdtree, and will ask you to join Volcano Manor. This may seem like an important choice but agreeing to this does not lock you into a set story or path for the game, but will, instead, give you access to other parts of the manor.

Tips for playing in Volcano Manor

Since Volcano Manor is so full of NPC quests and assassinations for Lady Tanith, it may be helpful to have the right armour and items ready before you enter the manor. Some of these include:

Factor Explanation

Fire resistance

It is important to ensure that your gear is as fire resistant as possible.


Equipping your lantern for quick access is helpful as there are a few dark areas in the manor quest-lines that you have to explore.

Range weapons

You should bring range weapons like bows, spells, or throwing knives with you when you enter the manor.

How does Volcano Manor affect the Elden Ring conclusion?

Volcano Manor does not have much of an effect on the rest of your game. You can still choose which ending you want when you get there and you are not locked into any storyline if you join Lady Tanith’s cause

This also does not lock you into a Ranni storyline, or her specific ending, which means you can have fun exploring, without having to worry too much about your main storyline.

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