Elden Ring: Eye Alteration

There are currently 3 Eye Alterations you can acquire in Elden Ring, but you first have to complete specific tasks to get them.

Elden Ring is a newly-released action role-playing game that focuses on exploration and combat features. The game contains elements similar to those found in other games developed by FromSoftware, including the Soul series. It is set in an open world, in which you can freely explore the Lands Between and its 6 main locations.

Before you can explore these areas, you must create and customise your character. You can select your character’s body shape, name, gender, facial experiences, eye colour, and hair colour, amongst other things. It is worth noting that some activities in the game may alter your character’s eyes, but luckily, this can easily be fixed.

Can you change your character’s appearance?

Some role-playing titles do not allow you to alter your character’s appearance at all, while others let you change every aspect about your character’s look. Fortunately, Elden Ring allows you to change your character’s appearance at any time, but you cannot change your character’s class.

In order to change your appearance, you have to unlock the Roundtable Hold and collect the Sewing Needle and Tailoring Tools. Once you have acquired these items, you can change your character’s armour, voice, name, hair, age, body type, and more.

Elder Ring: Eye Alteration

Elden Ring players spend hours creating, editing, and sculpting their character until they are perfectly satisfied with it. You will be playing with them for many hours after all, so it is understandable if you notice that something has changed about your character, such as the colour of their eyes.

Elden Ring: Eye Alteration
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There are currently 3 known eye alterations that you can acquire in the game, namely, Blood Eyes, Frenzied Flame Eyes, and Dragon Eyes. The Dragon Eye alternation gives your character eyes like a Dragon, with a golden iris and snake-like slits for pupils.

Frenzied Flame Eyes make your character’s scleras pitch black while changing the iris and pupils into a maddening haze that resembles Frenzied Flame Incantations. The Blood Eyes make your character’s bloodshot, turning the outer eye red but leaving the pupils black.

If you are unhappy about these alterations, there are a few ways to undo them, but they are only cosmetic changes. This means that you cannot un-inherit the Frenzied Flame by reverting your yellow eyes back to normal, nor can you remove the red eyes of a Bloody Finger.

To reset your eyes in Elden Ring, you have to go to either Roundtable Hold or the Grand Library of Raya Lucaria, if you have defeated Rennala. In Roundtable Hold, you will find a mirror in Fia’s room, which you can use to alter your character’s appearance and name at any time.

In the Eyes menu, you will find the “Eye Alternation” option at the bottom of the list, which can be toggled on or off. When you switch it off, your eyes will return to their original shape and colour.

How to acquire Eye Alterations

There are 3 ways your actions in Elden Ring can lead to a sudden cosmetic change. The table below explains how to acquire each Eye Alteration:

Eye Alteration How to acquire
Dragonic Eyes Your eyes will change into Dragon Eyes after consuming a number of Dragon Hearts at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion or at the Church
Bloodshot Eyes Your character’s eyes will become permanently reddened if you pursue White Mask Varre’s side quest. At the end of the quest, you will become a Knight of Mohg, the Lord of Blood
Frenzied Eyes It is linked to one of the Lord of the Frenzied Flame’s game ending. You must interact with the Three Fingers in the chasm behind Mohg in the Omen’s boss arena

Is the Dragon Eye effect consistent?

Your character’s eyes only turn yellow after eating Dragon Hearts, since you become more dragon-like. Dragon Eyes appear inconsistently. Sometimes your character’s eyes will turn golden after eating, or offering 4,5,7, or 10 hearts. Other times, you can get yellow eyes on the fourth or fifth incantation.

Can Dragon Eyes and Bloodshot Eyes be active simultaneously?

A character’s eyes only become red when they become a knight of Mogh but gaining the Bloody Finger has the same effect. After obtaining red eyes, the yellow eyes no longer appear, no matter how many dragon hearts you eat or offer. Thus, it can be said that Bloodshot Eyes always overpower Dragon Eyes.

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