Destiny 2: Qualichor

The Qualichor item is an important part of unlocking the Memory Alembic quest from Fynch in order to progress your Throne World Triumphs in Destiny 2.

The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 includes a lot of new content like quests, loot, and characters that you can interact with during the game.

This expansion also includes the Memory Alembic quest, which is an important part of the game. To access this quest, though, you first need to find the Qualichor item and speak to Fynch.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen expansion

The Witch Queen is an expansion recently released for Destiny 2, which endeavours to put a fresh spin on the game and its storyline. This expansion offers a vast amount of new content including new quests to complete, characters to interact with, upgrades to unlock, loot to collect, and new, engaging gameplay features that make the game feel new and updated.

As part of The Witch Queen expansion, a Cunning mission was also released. The Cunning mission requires players to solve complicated puzzles with shifting perspectives using a new Deepsight Skill.

Destiny 2: Qualichor

The Qualichor is an important item in Destiny 2 and is your key to completing one of the most complicated quests that come with The Witch Queen expansion. This quest is called The Destiny 2 Memory Alembic quest and in order to complete it, you first need to perform a number of actions.

Destiny 2: Qualichor
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The Qualichor quest item can be difficult to find because it only drops after you have completed specific Deepsight Puzzles. Once you have found and completed these puzzles, you need the Qualichor to start a quest from Fynch.

Finding the Qualichor by completing these puzzles requires some Deepsight to begin with, but the Qualichor also improves your Deepsight skill once you have it. In the end, you need to combine multiple Qualichors and forge them into a new item.

Once you have improved your relationship with Fynch, levelled up your Deepsight skill, and gathered some Qualichor along the way, you will be well on your way to a few of the Throne World Triumphs. This is why many players are focused on finding the Qualichor, as it can help you on your way to completing the Throne World seal.

However, to truly understand the importance of the Qualichor, you need to know what the requirements are to get it, where to find it, and what to use it for once you have it.

Requirements for the Qualichor

In order to find the Qualichor, you need a Deepsight score of at least 2. If you do not have this score yet, you have to focus on hunting down bounties, completing patrols, or finishing public events before you can focus on finding the Qualichor.

You then need to find a Qualichor on your own by checking the switch daily before you can talk to Fynch and get the Memory Alembic quest. Additionally, you also need to reach rank 11 with Fynch in Savathun’s throne world before you can unlock Deepsight Tier 2 to discover additional secrets.

Destiny 2: Qualichor
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Qualichor locations

Once you have unlocked Deepsight Tier 2, you can start looking for a Qualichor. The best way to go about this is to start looking around the patrol areas in the throne world. If you see Deepsight nodes in these patrol areas, you can interact with them.

Interacting with these nodes either takes you to a nearby chest, where you can get some Glimmer, a weapon drop, and some reputation – or you will be taken to the nearby body of a Scorn Chieftain, with whom you can interact to reveal a path, such as:

Where you started on the path Where the path will lead you


Leads into Alluring Curtain


Leads into Witch’s Echo

Fluorescent Canal

Leads to Queen’s Bailey

You then need to place a buff on the path and complete a mission to get the chest with the Qualichor as your reward.

What to do once you have a Qualichor

Once you have the Qualichor, you can receive the Memory Alembic quest from Fynch. During this quest you have to find more Qualichor, so that you can combine them into a Refined Qualichor.

Only the first Qualichor can be found through the Deepsight nodes. The one after that can be earned by killing Lucent Brood Executioners every day and, subsequently, this quest can take multiple days to complete.

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