Destiny 2: Farming Legendary Shards

To successfully farm for Legendary Shards from dismantling Legendary weapons in Destiny 2, it is best to build up your rank in Strikes, Crucible, and Dares of Eternity.

Legendary Shards are a type of currency in Destiny 2 used to upgrade Modules and Masterwork materials, which is why you need a good number of Legendary Shards saved up.

In order to get Legendary Shards, players need to find and dismantle Legendary weapons. The easiest way to farm for these weapons is to build your rank in Strikes, Crucible, or Dares of Eternity.

What are Legendary Shards?

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter game that has some RPG and MMO elements in it, which results in a deep storyline and lots of content to explore. To get the most out of the story aspects of the game, it is important that you have some currency built up, so that you can play freely and smoothly.

Legendary Shards are one of the most important currencies in the Destiny 2 game and players should ensure that they have a good stockpile of Legendary Shards to make their gameplay as simple as possible.

Destiny 2: Farming Legendary Shards

Legendary Shards are only one type of currency in the game, but they are one of the most essential, as they can be used to infuse your gear and upgrade your Modules and Masterwork materials. Legendary Shards can also be used to acquire items.

There are many ways to get or “farm” for Legendary Shards in this game, but all of these approaches tend to boil down to retrieving pieces of Legendary gear or weapons, and then dismantling this gear to earn Legendary Shards.

This Legendary gear or weapons drop when you complete activities or open engrams. The number of Legendary Shards you get will depend on the type and the rarity of the gear you have retrieved, such as:

Type of gear or weapons dismantled Number of shards earned
Legendary Shader or Mod 1
Legendary Weapon or Armour Piece 3
Exotic Weapon or Armour Piece 5
Masterwork Legendary Weapon or Armour Piece 5

Thus, it is important to choose activities to earn as many weapons and as much gear as possible. Once you have decided which gear and weapons you would like to keep for yourself, you can dismantle the rest of them for Legendary Shards. Some of the best farms where you can find the best and the most weapons and gear are Strikes, Crucible, and Dares Of Eternity.

Farming Legendary Shards in Strikes

Strikes is one of the best farms for players who use a PvE (player-versus-environment) playing style. Here, the best approach is to choose a playlist like Vanguard Ops to get as many matches in a row so that you can then build up a Vanguard Rank streak. This streak gives you additional reputation until you move on to the next activity.

This can also result in you earning Engrams from Zavala at a faster rate and you can even attempt to farm Hero-tier Nightfalls if you can handle the difficulty level to increase your reputation even more. When you perform the same activity over and over again, your rank increases and you earn Engrams at a much faster rate.

Farming Legendary Shards in Crucible

Farming for Legendary Shards in Crucible is a good option if you prefer PvP over PvE, in which case Strikes would be the better option for you.

Even though the playing style might differ, the principles of farming in Crucible remain the same as in Strikes. You should find a playlist, like Rumble, and build up your rank to create a streak, where you can earn Engrams faster as your rank increases.

For farming in both Strikes and Crucible, it is recommended that you equip a Prosperity Crucible or Vanguard Ghost Shell mod to earn more Legendary Shards as you progress in the game.

Farming Legendary Shards in Dares Of Eternity

Dares of Eternity is well-known for being one of the best locations in Destiny 2 to farm for Legendary Shards, as well as for being a location with some of the best weapon drops in the game.

This means that even though it may take longer to farm on Dares of Eternity than in locations such as Strikes and Crucible, the quality of the loot dropped here makes this extra time worth it for the number of Legendary Shards you will earn by dismantling the gear and weapons.

You can also get Treasure Keys in Dares of Eternity which can be used to open Xur’s Treasure. This gives you access to even more Legendary gear to dismantle.

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