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Crafting is one of the key features in Core Keeper. Crafting allows you to turn raw materials into useful items like tools, weapons, blocks and furniture with the cost of Ancient Coins.

Crafting takes place at various Workbenches and other stations for specialized crafting. Pressing E on a keyboard or A on a controller with the cursor over the station will bring up its crafting interface.

Work Stations

By hand

The player is able to craft a few basic items on the crafting interface located in the inventory.

ImageItemIngredientsSell Price
Torch (3x)1x Wood0 Ancient Coins
Wood pickaxe2.pngWood Pickaxe4x Wood5 Ancient Coins
Wood shovel.pngWood Shovel4x Wood5 Ancient Coins
Basic worbench.pngBasic Workbench8x Wood9 Ancient Coins


There are three types of Work Benches, the basic, tin and iron work benches. Each has their own separate crafting recipes.

ImageItemIngredientsSell Price
Copper Pickaxe4x Wood2x Copper Ingot7 Ancient Coins
Copper Shovel4x Wood2x Copper Ingot6 Ancient Coins
Copper Sword6x Copper Ingot8 Ancient Coins
Copper Hoe4x Wood2x Copper Ingot7 Ancient Coins
Small lanternNV.pngSmall Lantern4x Copper Bar5x Slime11 Ancient Coins
Watering canNV.pngWatering Can4x Copper Bar5 Ancient Coins
Furnace20x Dirt Wall1 Ancient Coin
Cooking Pot2x Wood6x Copper Bar9 Ancient Coins
Chest5x Wood6 Ancient Coins
Salvage and Repair Station.pngSalvage and Repair Station5x Wood5x Copper Bar11 Ancient Coins
Copper Anvil8x Copper Bar9 Ancient Coins
Tin Workbench1x Wood6x Copper Bar15x Tin Bar21 Ancient Coins
Wood Wall (2x)1x Wood1x Dirt0 Ancient Coins
Wood Floor (2x)1x Wood0 Ancient Coins
Wood Door4x Wood2x Copper Bar7 Ancient Coins
Wood Bridge (2x)1x Wood0 Ancient Coins
 Bed10x Wood5x Fiber16 Ancient Coins

Tin Workbench

ImageItemIngredientsSell Price
Tin Pickaxe4x Wood3x Tin Bar 
Tin Shovel4x Wood3x Tin Bar 
 Tin Hoe4x Wood3x Tin Bar 
Tin sword.pngTin Sword7x Tin Bar 
 Explorer Backpack5x Tin Bar10x Fiber 
 Tin Fishing Rod5x Wood4x Tin Bar 
Tin Anvil.pngTin Anvil8x Tin Bar 
Alchemy table.pngAlchemy Table8x Wood8x Slime5x Tin Bar 
 Painter’s Table8x Wood8x Slime5x Tin Bar 
 Carpenter Table8x Wood8x Tin Bar 
 Railway Forge8x Wood8x Tin Bar 
 Iron Workbench10x Wood10x Tin Bar20x Iron Bar 
 Paintable Wall (2x)1x Wood1x Clay Wall 
 Paintable Floor (2x)1x Clay Wall 
 Wood Fence (2x)2x Wood 
 Wood Fence Gate2x Wood2x Tin Bar 
 Spike Trap1x Tin 

Iron Workbench

ImageItemIngredientsSell Price
Iron Pickaxe4x Wood3x Iron Bar1x Gold Bar37
Iron Shovel4x Wood4x Iron Bar1x Gold Bar42
Iron Hoe4x Wood4x Iron Bar1x Gold Bar38
Iron Sword8x Iron Bar1x Gold Bar65
Large Watering Can10x Iron Bar59
Iron Fishing Rod5x Wood5x Iron Bar1x Gold Bar50
Smelter Kiln5x Tin Bar5x Iron Bar35
Iron Anvil10x Iron Bar55
Jewelry Workbench8x Wood8x Iron Bar4x Gold Bar94
Cartography Table20x Wood10x Iron Bar85
Electronics Table8x Wood8x Copper Bar8x Iron Bar62
Scarlet Workbench10x Tin Bar15x Iron Bar25x Scarlet Bar406
Stone Bricks Wall (2x)2x Stone Wall0
Stone Floor (2x)1x Stone Wall0
Stone Bridge (2x)1x Stone Wall0
Stone Fence (2x)2x Stone Wall0
Stone Fence Gate2x Stone Wall2x Iron Bar13
Stone Door4x Stone Wall1

Scarlet Workbech

ImageItemIngredientsSell Price
Scarlet Pickaxe4x Tin Bar6x Scarlet Bar83 
Scarlet Sword4x Iron Bar10x Scarlet Bar147 
Scarlet Shell Backpack15x Fiber10x Scarlet Bar134 
Orb Lantern8x Scarlet Bar5x Slime95 
Scarlet Fishing Rod5x Wood7x Scarlet Bar87 
Scarlet Anvil15x Scarlet Bar180 
Automation Table5x Mechanical Part8x Iron Bar8x Scarlet Bar
Distillery Table16x Wood8x Poison Slime10x Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Wall (2x)1x Iron Bar1x Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Floor (2x)1x Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Bridge (2x)1x Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Fence (2x)1x Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Fence Gate1x Iron Bar1x Scarlet Bar

Special Tables

There are 9 unique tables crafted by workbenches. They are the Alchemy Table, Painter’s Table, Carpenter Table, Railway Forge, Jewelry Workbench, Electronics Table, Automation Table, and Distillery Table. The Salvage and Repair Station and Cartography Table do not actually craft anything and will not be listed.

Craftable Items

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