Core Keeper: Scarlet ore

Scarlet ore is a particularly useful resource in Core Keeper and it can be used to upgrade your gear, workbenches, and tools later in the game.

Finding and using resources is an important part of any survival game such as Core Keeper.

In this game, scarlet ores are the best resources you can mine and can only be accessed in later stages of the game, but it can help you craft various items and tools.

Resources in Core Keeper

Core Keeper is a survival simulator game and, therefore, places a strong focus on searching for and finding resources to ensure that you have food and do not starve, have tools to complete tasks, and have items to upgrade your armour, weapons, and workbenches so that you can be more effective throughout your game.

As you mine and explore new locations throughout the game, you will encounter common resources such as copper, which can be used for weapons, tools, and armour as well as rare resources that can upgrade these items.

Core Keeper: Scarlet ore

Scarlet ore is one of the rarest resources in Core Keeper. Scarlet is the fourth tier of metal resources that you can find in Core Keeper, but players can only access it later in the game.

It is important, though, that you mine scarlet when you find it, because it is a necessary resource for you to be able to craft items on the Iron Workbench in the game and can be useful for upgrading a lot of your gear.

Core Keeper: Scarlet Ore
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Finding scarlet in your game is tricky for two reasons. Firstly, ores in Core Keeper are procedurally generated, which means that they can be difficult to find in certain areas on the map, even if you know where to go. This means that finding scarlet ore may require that you dig around for a while.

Secondly, scarlet ore is the best resource available in the game and you can only access it during the endgame stages, when you have unlocked the Azeos Wilderness.

However, when you do eventually enter this location, it is important that you mine for as much scarlet ore as possible by setting up a drill to automate the process. After you have mined vast amounts of scarlet ore, you can smelt this into scarlet bars, which can be used to craft items ranging from weapons to tools.

Where to get scarlet ore in Core Keeper

The only place you can find scarlet ore in Core Keeper is in the Azeos Wilderness, which is a fourth biome in the game. However, to unlock the Azeos Wilderness, you first have to meet a few requirements.

As you advance in the game, you will come across various boss enemies such as Glurch, Ghorm, and the Hive Mother. When you defeat these enemies, you will receive gems that can then be placed in the corresponding altar for the boss. Placing gems in altars powers up the core, which is located at the centre of the map.

This means that in order to power up the core that can give you instructions to find the Azeos Wilderness, you first need to fight and defeat the three main bosses in the game and collect their gems.

How to mine scarlet ore

Once the wall blocking off the Azeos Wilderness has disappeared, you can enter it and look for shiny spots to mine for scarlet ore. The mining process, when it comes to scarlet, is similar to that of other metals in the game. Red walls indicate spaces where there are scarlet ores in the wall and red, shiny spots on the ground indicate a scarlet ore drilling site.

You need an iron pickaxe to mine scarlet ore but setting up stacked drills is the most effective way to automate the mining process and help you to mine a lot of scarlet ore relatively quickly.

What can scarlet ore be used for?

When you have mined enough scarlet ore with a pickaxe or by drilling, you need a Smelter Kiln, which you can craft at the iron workbench from five tin bars and five iron bars. You can then smelt your scarlet ore into scarlet bars, which you can use to craft exclusive items.

Some of these items include the scarlet line of tools, such as the pickaxe, sword, backpack, lantern, and fishing rod. You can also build the Scarlet Workbench, the Distillery Table, the Automation Table, and various decorations for your base.

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