Core Keeper: Automation Table

There are different workbenches in Core Keeper, and one of them is the Automation Table, which players can use to craft a drill.

In this role-playing video game, Core Keeper, players can put their survivability skills to the test. The game combines combat, crafting, farming, and mining in an underground environment. You can enjoy the game as a solo gamer, or cooperatively with up to 8 other players.

You will begin the game in the Core Chamber, which features the same starting resources and enemies for all players. While you are in the area, you can collect materials with which to craft torches before setting out to discover other taverns.

Players can experience a variety of activities as they progress in the game, such as crafting, mining, farming, and defeating several enemies, among other things.


Crafting is one of the key features in the game, though it may seem like a simple aspect. This is because it enables players to transform raw materials and resources into useful items, such as weapons, tools, blocks and furniture.

There are several types of crafting in the game, which are highlighted in the table below:

Crafting type Description
Hand crafting Items that can be crafted directly from your inventory without a workbench
Workbench crafting Items that can only be crafted from a specific workbench
Core and Special crafting Items that are crafted at vendors or specific locations, such as the statues in the Core
Cooking Cooked foods that are crafted by combining two edible items

Core Keeper: Automation Table

One of the items you can craft in the game is the Automation Table, which is a workbench used for creating complex machines. Although it is a workbench, players need to craft it on another workbench called the Scarlet Workbench.

Before you can craft the Automation Table, you need to acquire 5 Mechanical Parts, 8 Iron Bars and 8 Scarlet Bars. Mechanical Parts is a rare piece of ancient machinery, and you can obtain it in the Ruins.

Core Keeper: Automation Table
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Whereas the Iron Bars can be smelted from Iron Ore by using a furnace and the Scarlet Bars can be obtained from Scarlet Ores. However, you have to smelt the Scarlet Ores in a Smelter Kiln to obtain a Scarlet Bar.

Once you have accumulated the necessary materials, you can craft the Automation Table. Players can then also craft a variety of items, which are listed in the table below:

Item Materials needed
Sprinkler ·   8 Scarlet Bars

·   8 Iron Bars

Robot Arm ·   5 Iron Bars

·   5 Scarlet Bars

Drill ·   10 Scarlet Bars

·   10 Iron Bars

Conveyer belt ·   Iron Bar

·   Scarlet Bar


Although the purpose of the drill is to drill large ore deposits, players can use it to mine any block, as well as in automation and electronics. With a drill on the large ore deposit, it drills at a rate of 0.5 per minute, which means that you can get an ore every 2 minutes.

You can also add drills to decrease the time it takes to mine an ore. You can have a maximum of 8 drills mining on the ore deposit at a speed of 30 seconds. But keep in mind that when additional Drills are included, it is randomly-generated which drill produces the ore.

Azeos’ Wilderness

Players should note that before they can craft their drill, they have to unlock Azeos’ Wilderness, which is a biome in Core Keeper. To do this, you must defeat the 3 bosses that are listed in the table below:

Boss Where to find him
Glurch the Abominous Mass Players can find him in the Dirt Biome, which is the game’s starting point
Ghorm the Devourer You will find Ghorm the Devourer patrolling the outside of the Dirt Biome as he moves in a clockwise circle around the starting area
Hive Mother The Hive Mother can be found deep inside the Clay Caves biome

What other items can players craft?

As previously mentioned, there are various crafting methods in the game. Every method, or type of crafting, is used to craft a variety of items. Some of the items you can craft using these specific methods are as follows:

Crafting type Items that can be crafted
Hand crafting ·   Basic workbench

·   Torch

·   Wood pickaxe

·   Wood shovel

Workbenches ·   Bed

·   Shovels

·   Fishing rod

·   Fence

Alchemist’s Table ·   Bomb

·   Healing potion

·   Stoneskin potion

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