Core Keeper: Amber Larva

Amber Larva in Core Keeper can provide your character with a permanent health point boost, but it is extremely rare.

Core Keeper is a newly-released sandbox game that invites players to enjoy survival elements. It incorporates combat, crafting, farming, boss fights, and mining in an underground environment. The game can be played by a solo player, or cooperatively, with a maximum of 8 players.

There are various activities and events you can enjoy in the game; however, you first have to understand its gameplay and mechanics properly. As you advance in the game, you can mine relics and resources to build your base, power up the Core, defeat giant monsters, and cook new recipes, among other activities.


Although food may seem like an insignificant feature in the game, it can impact your gameplay substantially. Food is one of the most crucial items, and luckily, it can be acquired naturally while you are exploring. Players can also grow and harvest food from their own farm.

The crops can provide your character with a range of benefits, such as health regeneration, and an increase in attack or speed. Certain food items, like the Giant Mushroom, can provide a buff, even if it is eaten uncooked, like permanently increasing your maximum health points by 25.

Food items can also be combined and mixed in a cooking pot to enhance the item’s buff or value. This increases its efficiency when you are cooking a meal.

Core Keeper: Amber Larva

One of the food items you can acquire in Core Keeper is Amber Larva, which is a grub encapsulated in amber and an extremely rare ingredient. When consumed, Amber Larva permanently increases your character’s maximum health by 50 health points.

Furthermore, it increases your critical hit chance by 8 percent for 2 minutes, and it provides 2 additional health points on melee hits for 2 minutes. Players can also benefit from an additional 52 maximum health points for 7 minutes and 30 seconds. This means that, essentially, you will get a total boost of 102 maximum health for a certain duration.

You can either find Amber Larva in The Forgotten Caves Biome or in the Larva Hive Biome. Both of these are close to the starting Dirt biome. The Amber Larva will be in its own Amber Larva Unique Structure in The Forgotten Caves.

Core Keeper: Amber Larva
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In the Larva Hive Biome, on the other hand, you can find it in treasure chests. Keep in mind that you have to dig out of the Dirt Biome into the Clay Caves, as the Larva Hive Biome is connected to the Clay Caves. To find The Forgotten Caves Biome, you have to dig out of the Dirt Biome.

In some cases, players may discover The Forgotten Caves before the Clay Caves, however, this depends entirely on luck.

Can players use the Giant Mushroom and Amber Larva together?

Players can consume the Giant Mushroom to get a permanent health buff. Thus, this item is very similar to the Amber Larva, which also provides your character with a permanent health point buff.

Many players have since wondered what would happen if they consumed the Amber Larva and the Giant Mushroom at the same time. These items’ effects will stack, which means that you will benefit from the effects of both the Giant Mushroom and the Amber Larva. Subsequently, your character’s health will increase significantly.


It is worth noting that you can eat 2 Amber Larvas to get better statistics. However, you can also consume 2 Giant Mushrooms and 1 Amber Larva with a Giant Mushroom.

These combinations can provide your character with various statistics, which are outlined in the table below:

Combination Statistic
2 Amber Larvas ·   + 26 Food

·   +100 Permanent maximum health

·   +52 Maximum health for 5 minutes

Giant Mushroom and an Amber Larva ·   + 39 Food

·   +75 Permanent maximum health

·   +52 Maximum health for 5 minutes

2 Giant Mushrooms ·   + 39 Food

·   + 50 Permanent maximum health

·   + 24 Maximum health for 5 minutes

Cooking pot

The cooking pot is a crafting station that you can use to create meals by combining food items. Since this is a furniture item, it can be placed and stacked. To craft a cooking pot, players have to accumulate 6 copper bars and 2 wood on a basic workbench.

Once it is crafted, you can place the cooking pot and use it to cook delicious meals. Keep in mind that you have to procure recipes before you can cook meals. There are 26 types of recipes, and each type features several recipes in a category.

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