BOXBOX Starguardian Soraka Cosplay | Nightblue3 – Fortnite is Bad | Yassuo| Pokimane| Tyler1

League of Legends Stream Highlights: Nightblue3 Streams League again and says fortnite is horrible right now. Boxbox Starguardian soraka cosplay and dance. imaqtpie, dyrus, faker, yassuo, hashinshin, voyboy, and more. Thanks for watching! like and subscribe for more! source:…

Swain Rework OP? Insane one shots and Pentakills montage League of Legends 2018 – YouTube

Swain Rework Highlights. Insane outplays, burst and pentakills. PBE Montage. League of Legends 2018. Thanks for Watching! Like and Subscribe. Song: Y&V – Lune [NCS Release] Credits: Redmercy: Bunnyfufu: solorenekton: and more!

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