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Bosses are enemies that consist of a multiple-stage fight, and have a large amount of health. Bosses occasionally unlock NPCs and / or have rare drops that can be beneficial for the player. Bosses as of right now cannot be respawned naturally, and once a boss is killed you are required to either summon the boss again using a Summoning Idol from the Caveling Merchant, or go to a new world.

Currently, there are 6 bosses in the game.

List of bosses

Glurch the Abominous Mass

Glurch the Abominous Mass is an early-game boss found within the Undergrounds. It is a giant Orange Slime.

Ghorm the Devourer

Ghorm the Devourer is a giant larva that goes in a circle around the Clay Caves and Forgotten Ruins.

The Hive Mother

The Hive Mother is a large mass found in the Larva Hive biome

Azeos the Sky Titan

Read this short guide on how to battle Azeos the Sky Titan.

Ivy the Poisonous Mass

Malugaz the Corrupted

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