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Biomes are very important for the game to progress in Core Keeper and will be around till the end of the game. The biomes have different purposes from material gathering to bosses or even lore.

The different biomes give the game variation and color to the deep undergrounds of the world. The biomes are naturally generated when the world is too, and will appear in different locations. There is a trench separating the different biomes from the others and needs to be crossed to make way.


The Undergrounds

The spawn area.

The Undergrounds are mainly composed of Dirt Wall and Dirt Ground, with small patches of sand, tuff and some ancient structures scattered around. There is only Copper in this biome and sometimes Crates can be found containing different items. Slimes spawn occasionally anywhere, the mini-biome that Glurch the Abominous Mass spawns in can be found at the edge of this biome in a random direction. Also known as the dirt biome.

The Clay Caves

The Forgotten Ruins

Azeos’ Wilderness

Azeos’s Wilderness is a grassy overworld type biome which contains the boss Azeos the sky titan. Finding the biome requires multiple things to be done, first is killing all three previous bosses, talking to the core which gives you the ability to take down the great wall. Then you will be able to find it by going in one of four directions. To know which direction the biome is in, talk to the core in the spawn area and they will have a line of dialogue saying, “The titan Azeos soars high in the light of the sun to the ______”, which he will either say North, East, South, West ,southeast,northeast,southwest, or northwest(Up, Right, Down, Left).



Larva Hive

Mold Dungeon

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