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Armor is a type of defensive item which can be used to reduce incoming damage, or provide various stat bonuses. They most often come in a set of two or three, and may even provide a “set bonus” while having the full set equipped. They can be equipped in the player’s inventory, under the helm, chest, and pants slots. Wearing armor changes the character’s appearance to match the currently equipped armor. Armor may also be mixed and matched, according to the player’s needs.

Armor can come from various sources, such as crafting or enemy drops.

Armor Sets


SetItemStatsTotal StatsSet BonusRecipe
Wood ArmorWood Helm.png+5 Max Health +3 Armor+17 Max Health +11 ArmorNoneWood.png Wood (29) at Copper Anvil.png Copper Anvil
Wood Chest.png+6 Max Health +4 Armor
Wood Pants.png+6 Max Health +4 Armor
Copper ArmorCopper Helm.png+8 Max Health +4 Armor+27 Max Health +17 ArmorNoneCopper Bar.png Copper Bar (28) at Copper Anvil.png Copper Anvil
Copper Breastplate.png+10 Max Health +7 Armor
Copper Pants.png+9 Max Health +6 Armor
Bronze ArmorBronze Helm.png+12 Max Health +6 Armor+5.0% Mining Damage+44 Max Health +23 Armor+5.0% Mining Damage+7.4% Melee Damage+6.0% Range DamageNoneCopper Bar.png Copper Bar (15) Tin Bar.png Tin Bar (15)Fiber.png Fiber (12)at Tin Anvil.png Tin Anvil
Bronze Breastplate.png+18 Max Health +9 Armor+7.4% Melee Damage
Bronze Pants.png+14 Max Health +8 Armor+6.0% Range Damage
Iron ArmorIron Helm.png+15 Max Health +10 Armor+4.8% Damage+60 Max Health +34 Armor+17.8% Damage3 Set: +19% Armor while at low healthIron Bar.png Iron Bar (38) Gold Bar.png Gold Bar (6)Fiber.png Fiber (17)at Iron Anvil.png Iron Anvil
Iron Breastplate.png+25 Max Health +12 Armor+7.2% Damage
Iron Pants.png+20 Max Health +12 Armor+5.8% Damage
Carapace ArmorCarapace Helm.png+17 Max Health +10 Armor+6.0% Explosives Damage+44 Max Health +25 Armor+15.0% Explosives Damage2 Set: +243% damage for a short duration after mining a wallTin Bar.png Tin Bar (21) Larva Meat.png Larva Meat (9)Slime.png Slime (14)Fiber.png Fiber (11)at Ghorm Statue On.png Ghorm The Devourer’s Statue
Carapace Chest.png+27 Max Health +15 Armor+9.0% Explosives Damage
Scarlet ArmorScarlet Helm.png+25 Max Health +12 Armor+2.0% Critical Hit Chance+83 Max Health +47 Armor+9.0% Critical Hit Chance3 Set: Killing an enemy increases critical hit chance by 3.0%, stacks up to 5 timesScarlet Bar.png Scarlet Bar (47) Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (9)Fiber.png Fiber (21)at Scarlet Anvil.png Scarlet Anvil
Scarlet Breastplate.png+31 Max Health +19 Armor+4.0% Critical Hit Chance
Scarlet Pants.png+27 Max Health +16 Armor+3.0% Critical Hit Chance


SetItemStatsTotal StatsSet BonusRecipe
Peasant ArmorPeasant Hat.png+2 Armor +3.0% Dodge Chance+4 Armor +7.0% Dodge ChanceNoneAbandoned House Crate
Peasant Chest.png+2 Armor +4.0% Dodge Chance
Caveling ArmorCaveling Hat.png+15 Max Health +9% Dodge Chance+59 Max Health +34.0% Dodge ChanceNoneCaveling
Caveling Chest.png+24 Max Health +12.0% Dodge Chance
Caveling Pants.png+20 Max Health +13.0% Dodge Chance
Larva ArmorLarva Helm.png+20 Max Health +10 Armor+26 Mining Damage-5.2% Movement Speed+47 Max Health +24 Armor+58 Mining Damage-10.6% Movement Speed2 Set: Disguised as a larva(larva-type enemies become passive towards player)The Hive Mother
Larva Chest.png+27 Max Health +14 Armor+28 Mining Damage-5.4% Movement SpeedGhorm The Devourer


SetItemStatsTotal StatsSet BonusRecipe/Source
Tin ArmorTin Helmet.png???+36 Max Health +20 ArmorNoneTin Bar.png Tin Bar (45) Fiber.png Fiber (16)at Tin Anvil.png Tin Anvil
Tin Breastplate.png???
Tin Pants.png???


  • Tin Armor was replaced by Bronze Armor during beta.
  • Bronze Armor is similar in design to the armor of Spartan warriors during the time of ancient Greece.
    • Similarly, Spartan warrior armor was actually made of bronze.
  • Iron Armor is similar in design to armor worn by knights during the 15th century of Europe.
  • Scarlet Armor is similar in design to the armor worn by samurai during ancient Japan.

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