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Accessories are equipable items that provide stat boosts to the player. Accessories are split into 4 types (offhand, ring, necklace and bag) and must be equipped in their respective slot in the player’s inventory to function. The player has 1 offhand slot, 2 ring slots, 1 necklace slot and 1 bag slot



Orb Lantern+5 glowUncommon95
Lantern+4 glowCommon44 Ancient Coin symbol.png
Small lantern+3 glowCommon11 Ancient Coin symbol.png
ShieldWhen used: +70% damage reduction+9 armorCommon16 Ancient Coin symbol.png
Swift FeatherWhen used: short dash forward at 200% movement speedCommon38 Ancient Coin symbol.png


Glow Tulip Ring+3 glowUncommon124 Ancient Coin symbol.png
Gold Crystal Ring+17% ranged damageUncommon201 Ancient Coin symbol.png
Ring of Stone+14 mining damageUncommonAncient Coin symbol.png
Larva ring+18 max healthUncommonAncient Coin symbol.png
Clot ring+3 life on melee hitRare11 Ancient Coin symbol.png
Ring of Rock+13 armorRare10 Ancient Coin symbol.png
Swift Ring+6% movement speedRare215 Ancient Coin symbol.png
Melting crystal ring+9% dodge chanceEpic209 Ancient Coin symbol.png
Wooden Thorn Ring22 thorns damageRare11 Ancient Coin symbol.png


Copper cross necklace+5% critical hit chanceCommon19 Ancient Coin symbol.png
Iron Chunk Necklace+12 armorUncommon64 Ancient Coin symbol.png
Grub Egg Necklace+18% melee damageRare12 Ancient Coin symbol.png
Gold Crystal Necklace+9% melee damage+9% ranged damageRare229 Ancient Coin symbol.png
Ammonite Necklace+22 max health+13 armorRare11 Ancient Coin symbol.png
Blob Rosary Necklace+15 max healthEpic287 Ancient Coin symbol.png
Heart Berry Necklace+1 health every secEpic15 Ancient Coin symbol.png
Ancient Guardian Necklace+17% reduced damage from bossesEpic16 Ancient Coin symbol.png


Explorer Backpack+10 inventory slots+1% movement speedCommon23 Ancient Coin symbol.png
Cave pouch+5 inventory slotsCommonAncient Coin symbol.png
Ghorm’s stomach bag+12 inventory slotsRare27 Ancient Coin symbol.png
Scarlet Shell Backpack+15 inventory slotsRare134 Ancient Coin symbol.png

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