How I Got A 75% Winrate From DIAMOND To MASTERS with Dva – Overwatch

How I Got A 75% Winrate From DIAMOND To MASTERS with Dva - Overwatch

Today im talking about how I got about a 75% winrate that got me from diamond to master this season of overwatch competitive, season 8 competitive ranked. It took only around 6 hours on from the bottom of diamond/top platinum to reach masters but I finally reached it, and here is how.

Also yes, Dragon ball fighterz is extremely fun. If you know, I have a billion smash bros videos on my channel which is a fighting game, so you already know im into this game too.
My Team is : Yamcha, Frieza, SSJSS Vegeta. Yamcha is my point and tries to grind up bars with mixups, frieza has a great assist and uses ranged harass, and vegeta super sayian god is just dank, and has the level five super so waste bar as well. Gotta be said, im not that great at fighterz, BUT it sure is a lot of fun.

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Video Title: How I Got A 75% Winrate From DIAMOND To MASTERS with Dva – Overwatch