Forged Battalion has been deployed on Steam early access –

Forged Battalion, the real-time strategy outing from Petroglyph, is now available on Steam early access, Team17 announced. Cobbled together by veterans of Command & Conquer wizards Westwood Studios, Forged Battalion is hoping to make a splash by offering a ‘dynamic new take’ on the RTS genre.

Budding commanders will be able to take advantage of the early access for a number of months, with Petroglyph promising a number of updates during this time and encouraging feedback from the community. ‘We want fans to truly help forge what the game becomes,’ said Petroglyph Big Cheese, Chuck Kroegel. 

There’s heaps of content up for grabs for early access players, including the first act of the main campaign, Skirmish matches for up to eight gamers spread across modes such as Annihilation and HQ Destruction, plus five customisable vehicle types and resource management. Thankfully, the whole package is neatly wrapped up with support for dedicated servers. 

Forged Battalion will be available via Steam early access for £15.49/$19.99, and you’ll nab a 15 percent discount if you snap it up during launch week. Check out a trailer for the game below. 

Author: Mike Harradence